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As the solo chemistry teacher at an international school, introducing the IB, this site literally "saved my skin" -never felt alone and a wonderful resource. Highly recommended

Robert Nolan, Internationale Friedensschule Köln, Germany

InThinking is a great organisation. I got my first category training with them and it was one extremely useful to my teaching. In addition, the website is highly in line with the training and the IB curriculum and also very helpful. It is such a blessing...

Dina Sonbol, American International School in Egypt, Egypt

This is my first year of full-time teaching, and I would not have survived so far without the vast pool of resources available on the InThinking Chemistry site. From teacher prep notes to lab suggestions to last-minute homework assignments to understandings...

Rebecca Weber, International Academy of Macomb, USA


Carbon atoms can bond to more than four other carbon atoms

Monday 16 January 2017

“Each carbon atom can only bond to a maximum of four other carbon atoms.” This well known and seemingly incontrovertible axiom of organic... more

Updated periodic table

Friday 23 December 2016

Since the IB data booklet for first use in the May 2016 examination session came into existence there have been several updates as mistakes... more

2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (2,4-DNP)

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Years ago when I first started teaching at Atlantic College I came across a bottle of picric acid in the store room. It had completely dried... more

Subscriber comments

  • Hi Sigrid, You can download the CE report from the OCC and answer your own question. Personally I don't think it did. It states that many students had difficulty with question 2 and then goes on to say "In relation to 2 (c), the question is...
  • Hi Geoffrey, did the Chief Examiner's report provide a satisfying answer to the question?
  • 17 Jan Jayashree Sitaraman
    Grade Awarding
    Thanks so much. Would try to for the observer chance, as suggested.
  • 17 Jan Geoffrey Neuss
    Equilibrium law
    Hi John, Thanks for the very positive feedback. The value of 9.66 x 10-15 is 1 x 10-14 to 1 sig fig which is the value I should have given on slide 8 (not 1.0 x 10-14) so you are correct. By giving the value to 1 sig fig it does get around...
  • 17 Jan John Oberthier
    Equilibrium law
    Hi Geoff, Glad to have renewed my access to this fantastic site! Love the teaching slides they are a great resource. A few questions about the example on page 8. Using the numbers in the example, e^(-32.27) I get 9.66E-15 and not the...
  • 17 Jan Demet Finnegan
    Note taking
    Old-fashioned note taking is one thing that I would never give up on, and my students of all ages and levels do take notes in each and every class, as I collect their notebooks couple of times per semester to give feedback. Chemistry has its...
  • 17 Jan Geoffrey Neuss
    Grade Awarding
    Hi Jayashree, P2 and P3 follow a similar pattern but not P1 as explained above. The distribution of marks (histogram) - presumably what you are calling a 'bell diagram'? - is looked at but remember the grades are criterion based, not norm referenced,...
  • 17 Jan Jayashree Sitaraman
    Grade Awarding
    Hello Goeff, A very elaborate and intriguing way to arrive at the grade boundaries, indeed. It’s interesting to understand how the process really takes place. Since the major discussion was wrt P2, I shall base my observations & understandings...
  • Hi Jane, Many thanks for raising this. I will get the InThinking legal team on to it. As I'm sure everyone knows it clearly states at the bottom of each page on the website "All materials on this website are for the exclusive use of teachers...
  • HI Geoff, did you know that these answers and more are appearing on File -, perhaps something to investigate, thanks.
  • 14 Jan Geoffrey Neuss
    Activation energy
    Hi Kathleen, As you say a plot of ln (1/t) against 1/T (where T is the temperature in Kelvin) will give a straight line and the gradient will be equal to − Ea / R.
  • 14 Jan Kathleen Quinn
    Activation energy
    I actually think the suggested lab practical answers my question and would say this will be fine but just want to be sure.


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