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IB Chemistry: Practical work & IA

Almost everything you need to know about internal assessment for IB Diploma Chemistry. How to design and set up your own IB Chemistry practical programme. Full details on more than 30 recommended practicals for the Core/AHL/Options including pdf worksheets for students. Suggestions for other resources to gain ideas and specific details for practicals suitable for the IB.

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Jeff Hinton 21 August 2014 - 18:22

Dear Geoff,

I have an urgent question that I have also posted on the OCC. Its about academic honesty and referencing, here it is;
As you probably know this is a hot IB topic.

Some of the IA course work submitted last year (which has already been marked and annotated) was handed in before students were fully aware of how to reference.

Would it be acceptable for a student to hand write and sign a reference on such a piece of work (in my presence of course).

As far as I am aware marked coursework can never be given back and once accepted can never be re-written.

Please to give advice on this asap.

I would really appreciate any help you can give on this.

Geoffrey Neuss 22 August 2014 - 05:31

Jeff, I can only give you my personal view. If you want an official IB answer your IB coordinator will need to contact the IB officially. It is best to just be entirely honest. I assume the lack of referencing you are talking about does not mean they have used other people’s work and claimed it as their own? If that is the case then their work should be totally discarded. If, as I think you mean, they have compared their result with a literature value and not given the source of the literature value or not given the source of their experiment etc. then it is not showing a deliberate attempt to deceive. I do not think it is a good idea for them to add to or change work that has already been submitted and marked. I see the practical programme as a learning experience and they have a year to remedy earlier mistakes when they do new practicals. I think you will find that many of the practicals already handed in will not be used for their final marks as the best two marks for each of the criteria D, DPC and CE will come from their second year of work anyway. If you do need to use them and their work is required for moderation then explain the situation to the moderator. What everyone can learn from this is that it is important to go over the academic honesty policy of your school with students as soon (if not before) they start their Diploma course. I hope this is of some help.

Jeff Hinton 22 August 2014 - 08:33

Thank you Geoff.
It is of great help. Your assumption is correct. Yesterday we had a talking to about this (rather late in the day I think) and one of the things that was mentioned by the talker several times was maps. A couple of my students had used maps in their first IA which was to locate likely sources of acid rain that they had tested. I thought this a good one for CEV part 1 having to question the reliability of their dater wrt weather patterns etc and 1 scored a maximum. A possibility that I would use it then and I know that I did not ask for them to reference maps. Definitely no deliberate attempt to decieve..
I am still collecting IA its just that two of my students are already in the 7 zone on their portfolios and I wanted to give them a break and to do some interesting non IA assignments to stretch them as future chemists. Situation is definitely rectifiable.

Thank you for your very prompt reply,


Jeff Hinton 12 September 2014 - 12:28

Hi Geoff,
We have had confirmation from IB that as long as changes are made (as suggested by my first post) before the final cover sheet is signed by the student then all is OK.
Thanks again for your help.

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