Form 4/PSOW

IB Chemistry: Form 4/PSOW

Before you enter your IA marks in March/April you will need to complete a form 4/PSOW detailing the practical scheme of work and any marks awarded for each student at both levels. You can obtain a blank 4/PSOW form from your IB co-ordinator as they are contained in the IB Information handbook (make sure you get one for the correct year just in case there have been any changes) or, if you prefer, you can make up...

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Comments 2

VALENTINA CARTA 25 March 2014 - 18:00

Hello Geoffrey,
As I am really new to the system, I have a question: I am about to send the IA to the IB, ca I actually send 1 design lab which is the combustion of alcohol and 1 DCP which is the enthalpy change for a reaction in solution? My doubt is that they are the both energetics

Geoffrey Neuss 25 March 2014 - 22:11

Hi Valentina, There is nothing to say that two different experiments on the same topic (e.g. energetics) cannot be sent for moderation, i.e. they can both count towards assessment. It is good if your practical scheme of work does show that you have done labs on a wide range of topics but which ones you send in for assessment is up to you as long as the practicals are suitable for addressing the criteria for which they are being assessed. Geoff

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