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This is an outstanding site. It has virtually replaced our paper texts. The material is thoughtfully selected, the tasks are engaging and focussed and the task-related material is comprehensive and illuminating... I have found it very easy to build my...

[Brony Tyrrell, Scotch College, Australia

I love this site - I don't know how I would teach the course without it!

Kelly Scotti, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, China

This is a great site for lesson material, tips and ideas. I keep coming back for more! My students are always interested in the topics I use from your site and I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone teaching English Language and Literature. Thanks so...

Lorraine Evans, International School, Netherlands


Best Books of 2016

Thursday 8 December 2016

The past six months have reminded me why I love stories so much: they’ve been a great escape from real life. With the U.S. presidential election... more

President Trump: Like?

Thursday 17 November 2016

Last week, the day after the US presidential election, I wrote a piece on Donald Trump’s victory. By the time I had written it, I had been... more

Language and Nature

Thursday 22 September 2016

I had an uncanny experience. It is many years since – this was the late 1990s – and the detail has become a little muddled. The essence... more

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  • Hi Trish, This can all be a bit daunting 1st time around. For the rationale, have it come first. I have students make it like the EE in terms of format: double-spaced, 12 point, Arial (or another standard font), page numbers... The Written...
  • 21 Feb David McIntyre
    WT2 Tips
    My immediate thought, Annabel, is that postmodernism does not constitute a literary genre; at any rate, it is not what immediately comes to mind. Whatever postmodernism is, it has certainly enjoyed some resurgence in our post-truth era! On...
  • Dear Tim, Are there any rules regarding the very technical uploading instructions such as spacing, justification, font size/type, or if the rationale/outline needs to appear on its own preceeding page or not? First time uploader in hopes of...
  • 21 Feb Jess Barga
    Written tasks
    Tim, thanks so much. I will share your thoughts on the Murakami with her—she will probably decide to send her other Lang WT1 since she is concerned about her IB total. Too bad, since it's not as interesting, but we both understand that the...
  • 21 Feb Annabel Greve Kristensen
    WT2 Tips
    Hello, I'm having a crisis of confidence: one of my students wants to answer the question about conforming to a genre, and wants to write about postmodernism. I've always considered it a genre, but it could also be interpreted as a style or...
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Sonia, Click on the "feedback" link at the top right of this page and you can send us a personal message. It's under the "search" text box. Best, Tim
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Written tasks
    Hi Jess, I've put my answers in number order, for ease of reference. 1. The Lolita - Marc Jacobs combo seems fine. They are on different areas of the course and clearly defined. 2. The Murakami and Part 1 translation one is trickier....
  • 21 Feb Sonia Gupta
    Hi Tim, Thanks for the feedback. Is there a way to send you a personal message or email? Sonia
  • 21 Feb Syed Abbas
    Further oral activity
    Dear Tim, Thanks; I'll do that. Regards Faheem
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    WT2 Questions & samples
    Hi Taylor, No identifying marks in terms of name or candidate number. However, I have heard that the personal code is okay and some schools are adding this. It's not clear or necessary this year and I imagine we will get further clarification...
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Deborah, I think it would have an impact. And my advise to the student would be to re-write it to assuage your valid concern about making it believable. I think it's okay to tell students that significant re-writing or revision is needed....
  • 21 Feb Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Sonia, I too write with a confused look. I would say no to all three. I don't see how they connect to topics/content that you studied in Part 2 of the course. David might take a different approach, but right now, I remain skeptical...