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As a new IB teacher InThinking has been an invaluable life line. Great ideas, easy to access and gives clarity on the course when I have been feeling overwhelmed. Thank you.

Hannah Payne, Shanghai Community International School, China

InThinking resources have helped me enormously - they can be used as provided, and also inspire many intelligent methods of creating materials, anchored in good practice. Helps make teaching even more enjoyable!

Alison MacDonald, International School of The Hague, Netherlands

I really like the resources that this site provides..they are very helpful in planning my teaching.

Ratnapria Datta, The British School, India


Best Books of 2016

Thursday 8 December 2016

The past six months have reminded me why I love stories so much: they’ve been a great escape from real life. With the U.S. presidential election... more

President Trump: Like?

Thursday 17 November 2016

Last week, the day after the US presidential election, I wrote a piece on Donald Trump’s victory. By the time I had written it, I had been... more

Language and Nature

Thursday 22 September 2016

I had an uncanny experience. It is many years since – this was the late 1990s – and the detail has become a little muddled. The essence... more

Subscriber comments

  • 21 Jan Dougal Fergusson
    WT1 SL S1 (2pac)
    I'm interested in the grade of 2/2 for the rationale. The rationale, and the task, seems to fall between Part 1 and Part 2. My assumption is that this is a Part 2 WT, due to the student's description of the impact of the text on its audience,...
  • 20 Jan Kimberly Hirsch
    Hello Tim and David, Can you give me some advice for Part 4? For HL, we are going through 1984 and The Handmaid's Tale. I was wondering if you had a suggestion of an author of some short stories? I would rather not go into a full novel as our...
  • 20 Jan Jane Hazle
    The course
    David and Tim, Our school is new to IB this year. We have set up Eng Lang and Lit so that students complete Parts 1/4 in 11th grade and 2/3 in 12th grade. We are still trying to decide whether it is better to have a single teacher follow a...
  • 20 Jan Amna Ahsanuddin
    Coherent writing
    On the site, it only shows up to 18...or at least I am only seeing up to 18. But I got the answers from your reply so its all good now. Many thanks! Very helpful site!
  • 20 Jan Sonali Joshi
    HiTim, we are looking for our Part 3 (SL) group-The women at Point Zero and The Importance of being Earnest / A Street Car Named Desire. Please advise between TIOBE and ASCND which would be better.
  • 20 Jan David McIntyre
    Hi Khushnuma, The books were published independently of one another. There is no requirement to do both parts (although my advice is that, if possible, you should cover both parts). Best regards, David
    I wish to teach Persepolis. I need guidance if we need to do both parts or we can do one only: THE STORY OF A CHILDHOOD THE STORY OF A RETURN Requesting guidance on urgent basis
  • 19 Jan Tim Pruzinsky
    Extended Essay
    Hi Mirna, A few comments. I've put them in number order as it was easier for me to sort my mind around it this way. They are not meant as orders, but rather as a guide to helping the student out. 1. She can't have a research question if...
  • 19 Jan Tim Pruzinsky
    Coherent writing
    Hi Anna, I'm seeing a complete answer key on my end. What's exactly missing on your end? The answer key from 18-26? If so, here's what I have as the answers to those numbers: 18 - A 19 - H 20 - W 21 - P 22 - Z 23 - G 24 - L 25 - T 26 -...
  • 19 Jan David McIntyre
    No, please don't misunderstand me, Trish: The students should refer to at least two (HL) or both (SL) of their part 3 works in responding to Paper 2. Also, since HL students have a choice of two texts from three, they do not have to include...
  • 19 Jan Trish Bland
    Tips as long as one is a WIT, then they can actually answer using any text off the PLA? What a time to be alive!
  • 19 Jan Amna Ahsanuddin
    Coherent writing
    Hello, am I missing something or is the answer key complete? Just wondering where the numbers from 18 to 26 are? The lines are numbered A-Z. Many thanks!