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InThinking’s Language and Literature site has been indispensable for my course. Not only does it provide quality content and explanations that help me understand the program better, it has had an indelible effect on my students' study of literature.

Randall Girdner, American International School Dhaka, Bangladesh

The InThinking Site proved invaluable to me as a teacher new to the English LAL course and I continue to be a regular visitor two years later. Full of practical suggestions and resources to support both students and teachers.

Sue Budd, Skagerak International School High School, Norway

An invaluable asset to the IB Diploma English Lang and Lit course with some excellent resources and advice.

David Allen, Taihu International School, China


The Walls That Divide Us

Thursday 23 February 2017

I have many memories of walls.My earliest of these memories is in the garden of our recently built terraced house. The terrace parallels another... more

Best Books of 2016

Thursday 8 December 2016

The past six months have reminded me why I love stories so much: they’ve been a great escape from real life. With the U.S. presidential election... more

President Trump: Like?

Thursday 17 November 2016

Last week, the day after the US presidential election, I wrote a piece on Donald Trump’s victory. By the time I had written it, I had been... more

Subscriber comments

  • 29 Mar Rebecca Miles
    Thanks so much. Yes, I will pick ones that we have talked about in depth in class.
  • 29 Mar David McIntyre
    Hi Rebecca, You are right - no glossary. It is supposed that the IOC is a 'seen exam'; that is, you studied the text in class, and any complications or failures to understand were addressed there and then. But, then, there is the real world...
  • 29 Mar Rebecca Miles
    Hi, I am in the process of choosing my extracts for the IOC, which we hold in a few weeks time. One of the texts is Hamlet and the students asked today if words no longer in use will be glossed for them. I had a feeling the answer is probably...
  • 29 Mar Tobias Lloyd
    Further oral activity
    Tim, Thank you very much - really appreciate this, and yes, this has relieved the stress. Thanks a lot. REgards Tobias.
  • 29 Mar David McIntyre
    P1 Sample work
    Hi Priya, I notice that you are asking a similar question on the OCC, so my response, here, builds on the opinions you have been offered, and the understanding that the IB neither prescribes not proscribes particular practices (albeit guidance...
  • 29 Mar Priyamvada Gopal
    P1 Sample work
    Hi, I am trying to get my students to write a very effective theses statement for their Paper 1 SL. What advice should I offer them? I do not really know what is good enough for the IB. Thanks Priya
  • 29 Mar Jason Beavan
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi Tim, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly; appreciate the helpful response. Goodo! Jason
  • 29 Mar Denise Villegas
    Streetcar Named Desire sounds like a really good idea Tim. Much Thanks!
  • 29 Mar Tim Pruzinsky
    Sample essays
    Hi Mirna, I think this is a good start. Looking at the language of music (essentially poetry) in connection to a social topic (the Vietnam War) is something worth developing. I'm not sure the research question is a precise as possible and...
  • 29 Mar Tim Pruzinsky
    Hi Romana, You won't find it on YouTube anymore. Copyright has restricted everyone unfortunately. Best, Tim
  • 28 Mar Thomas Kendall
    The way I am
    I think using hip hop is only issue is why Vanilla Ice?!!? He's terrible.
  • 28 Mar Tim Pruzinsky
    Individual oral commentary
    Hi Jason, I haven't seen the screen you are talking about. We sent our info in the English department to our IB Coordinator and it seemed sufficient for him to upload. To me, this sounds likes the comments about the IOC. I write them in...