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This site is such a fantastic one stop shop for IB Math Studies resources. I really appreciate the depth and variety of both materials and ideas offered. The materials that I have tried are thoughtful and engaging for students. I also like the dynamic...

Vern Cedarlund, Eugene, USA

This site has everything you need to supplement your course: notes, exam prep, IA tips, and activities. What I most love about this site is that the activities are all ready to go - the handouts, answers, and resources are all there for you. Not only...

Valerie Koch, International School of Zug and Lucern, Switzerland

This site is very helpful for students and useful for teachers ,I used the worksheets and questions a lot in my teaching studies,all ideas about internal assessment also are meaningful and students can benefit from them.

Sana Saeed, Modern Knowledge Schools, Bahrain


Saturday 11 March 2017

I am excited to be able to tell you about this new resource I have been developing for students. It came from a genuine desire to be able to... more

Percentage perception

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Many of you will have seen the activity on Percentage Perception and how it is used to explore data on our perception of how many people where... more

Picture this

Thursday 1 September 2016

Just sharing what I did today with one of my Mathematical Studies classes as a warm up exercise for the new term. We played a few rounds of... more

Subscriber comments

  • 29 Mar Jim Noble
    Focus on Sets
    Thanks - should be fixed now...
  • 29 Mar Jim Noble
    Focus on - Quadratic Models
    Thanks Lois!
  • 29 Mar Jim Noble
    Real independence tests
    Hi, sorry, no it can't... I used this google doc feature a few times because it had some advantages but on balance I am slowly replacing them....
  • 27 Mar Jennifer Hofman
    Real independence tests
    Can this be downloaded as a doc?
  • 21 Mar Lois Bennett
    Focus on - Quadratic Models
    There is a typo on Quadratic Links 2, 1st column, 4th equation is x^2 + 2x + 4. It should be x^2 + 4x + 4 because it matches with (x + 2)^2 Thanks for all that you do1
  • 13 Mar Eva Tarrasón
    Focus on Sets
    Hi Jim! When I click on "sets of quadrilaterals" it takes me to the "web venns", maybe the link is wrong? Thanks!
  • 13 Mar Jim Noble
    Exam Style Questions
    Hi Nesreen - I am unlikely to produce an IB style markscheme for this paper, just the solutions, which you already have, but I am happy to answer questions about division of marks etc. No problem. You can either post them here or contact me...
  • 12 Mar Nesreen Bassiouny
    Exam Style Questions
    Hi Jim, Any news about the mark scheme. I already solved it, but I want to check the division of marks and some questions ;) Thanks
  • 28 Feb Nesreen Bassiouny
    Exam Style Questions
    Hi Jim, Paper 1 question 14 has a typing mistake. You repeated age 12 twice in the table.
  • 26 Feb Ken Stirrat
    Homicide Rates
    Thanks Jim. I actually like it with the raw data left out, as a good talking point for students when they do a practice moderation of this piece. Would suggest amending your B score to 1/3 and showing students how that can make a 1 or 2 mark...
  • 23 Feb Jim Noble
    Statistics Teaching Ideas
    Hi Danny, Makes perfect sense and it is part of a re shuffle I am doing. You will see some 'Focus on...' pages appearing under the main topic headings that do what you are suggesting.... thanks for feedback
  • 23 Feb Jim Noble
    Cuboid Challenge
    Hi Mark I have put a couple of images at the bottom of the page in a hidden box....... there are other solutions of course. These are done with a prism and two pyramids