Ripples never come back

Thursday 27 January 2011 View all posts

When I was at university my favourite band was Genesis , in fact I rarely listened to anything but Genesis. My love of the band had an abrupt end when Peter Gabriel left however the new light version still had a couple of good tracks one of which was ripples. It was the ripples in the fjord on the way home yesterday that reminded me of the track. There are always interesting difficult to explain patterns on the fjord like the one here. Is that gap in the waves due to interference or is it something with reflection of light? The patterns look very much like the sort of things you get in a ripple tank (simulation).
I looked up the lyrics for ripples;

Look into the pool,
Ripples never come back.
They've gone to the other side.
I dive to the bottom and go to the top to see where they have gone.
Oh, they've gone to the other side

Hmm.If its a pool then the ripples do come back because they reflect of the other side and why were they diving to the bottom to find out where they had gone, ripples are surface waves. Ding goes the TOK bell.Ringing Brass Bell

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