The Exam

  • An introduction to the format of the IB physics exam papers and the way they are marked.
  • The Command terms and how they are used in exam questions.
  • Common question types and hints on how to answer them.
  • Mark schemes and how the examiners use them
  • The marking process.
  • Complete worked solutions with comments for a selection of past papers

Selected Pages


P3 May 2009 TZ2 Thursday 9 December 2010


Introduction Thursday 30 July 2015

The exam score accounts for 76% of the students final grade, the other 24% coming from the internally assessed practical...

Marking Saturday 25 October 2014

As with paper 2 the completed scripts are put in an envelope and sent directly to be scanned and electronically distributed...

P3 Nov 2010 Sunday 11 March 2012


P3 Nov 2009 Sunday 11 March 2012


P3 May 2011 TZ1 Thursday 15 December 2011