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    P3 May 2009 TZ2 Thursday 9 December 2010


    Paper 3 Sunday 10 January 2016

    Paper 3 is the same format as paper 2 but the questions are on the options. Refer to the section on paper 2 for comments...

    Paper 2 Sunday 10 January 2016

    The questions in paper 2 are 50% objective 1&2 and 50% objective 3. If you analyse a typical paper (2010 TZ2) you find that...

    Paper 1 Sunday 10 January 2016

    It is difficult for a student to show that they can evaluate, conclude and discuss by answering multiple choice questions...

    Introduction Sunday 10 January 2016

    The exam score accounts for 80% of the students final grade, the other 20% coming from the internally assessed practical...

    Marking Saturday 25 October 2014

    As with paper 2 the completed scripts are put in an envelope and sent directly to be scanned and electronically distributed...