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Do's and Don'ts for ERQsfreeWed 29 March 2017

Below you will find a list of "do's" and "don't's" for helping students better understand the demands of the ERQ - the essays that appear both in part b of Paper 1 and on Paper 2.Take some time to outline... more

Relevance gridsfreeSun 26 March 2017

The following activity is something that I do with students for many of the topics that we explore together. The goal is to get them to better understand the research that we are studying and link it... more

New curriculum textbookSun 26 March 2017

This section of the site serves as a textbook for the new curriculum. Jette and I have decided not to publish a traditional textbook, but rather to provide a text that students and teachers can use online.... more

Citing sourcesFri 24 March 2017

The IB does not care which method of citation students use – but they have to use a consistent method of citation. Below you will find the guidelines for using APA parenthetical notation. This is the... more

Social & cultural factors on memoryWed 22 March 2017

These teaching notes are for the learning objective: Discuss how social or cultural factors affect one cognitive process. The cognitive process that will be discussed is memory. You could, of course,... more

4. Biological approachSat 18 March 2017

The IB Psychology course looks at behaviour through three different approaches: biological, cognitive and sociocultural. In modern psychology it is understood that these three approaches interact rather... more

I oppose!Fri 10 March 2017

The following "game" is a critical thinking game that you can play at any point in the year. I usually do this with current events articles - that is, psychology news that comes up on the BBC or CNN.... more

How to read a journal articleFri 10 March 2017

When doing research in psychology, although many blogs and articles in magazines like “Scientific American Mind” are helpful in getting a general idea about your topic, it is important to read journal... more

Ideas for Internal AssessmentThu 9 March 2017

This is by no means a definitive list of all the topics that students could choose to explore in their internal assessment. Students should choose something that they clearly understand and is easy to... more

PTSD treatmentsTue 7 March 2017

The most common treatment is anxiolytic drugs - for example, Valium. This increases the amount of GABA in the nervous system. In addition, treating depression seems to have an effect on relieving individuals... more