The subscription to an InThinking subject site entitles teachers at your school to access the site for 12 months (or 24 for French B Orals). The site is updated at least once a week throughout the year.

A 12 months subscription to an individual subject site is 180 EUR (150 GBP / 240 USD) with the exceptions of: (1) French B Orals - 120 EUR / 24 months; (2) TeachMathematics - 50 EUR / 12 months

Teacher Accounts
Please specify how many teachers will be using each site. You can request up to five users. If you are a large department and require additional users, please contact us directly at subscriptions[at]

For immediate access, you can pay by Visa/Mastercard (recommended) or PayPal.

Alternatively you can request an invoice, which you will receive within 48 hours. You can then pay against this by bank transfer or cheque.

If you are an existing subscriber and wish to resubscribe, please log in to the relevant subject site first and then click the red resubscribe button.
Please note that subscriptions are school-based. We are unable to offer discounts for individual or multiple subscriptions.


How to subscribe

  1. Select the sites to which you wish to subscribe.

  2. Complete school details and select payment method
  3. Confirm information

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