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May 2016 Subject Report Summary

Thursday 12 January 2017

The first subject report since the new visual arts curriculum has been implemented is now published. Subject reports are a summary of the last... more

Summer IB Art Immersion

Tuesday 26 April 2016

its happening agian this summer.....What happens when you try to compress an IB art program into 2 intense weeks? Well, we've had a go at it... more

Attitudes toward Beauty

Saturday 16 January 2016

Like others in the arts, I often find myself thinking about the word beauty, what it means in art and in the world today. Has beauty been largely... more

Subscriber comments

  • 22 Jan Dian Ritter
    Part 1,The Comparative Study
    Heather, Is there a max. word count PER SCREEN for Formal Analysis and the Contextual screen? Any total word count limit or range for the completed Comp. Study?
  • 20 Jan Tamara Rusnak
    Part 1,The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather, I have a student who is interested in comparing three different graphic novels. Does this fit within the realm of visual art -or does the graphic novel belong to literature?
  • 19 Jan Tamara Rusnak
    E submission Process Portfolio
    Hi Heather, if there is a bibliography at the end of the PP does it count as part of the screen count for the Process Portfolio? Thanks!
  • 19 Jan Laura Moakley
    Grade Boundaries
    I think its practically a 100 and I heard its super rare to get it ..
  • 19 Jan Karen Teal
    Part 1,The Comparative Study
    Hi Heather.............when creating the slides and the presentation would you recommend that the font size and style is the same on each slide to be consistent? I have taken over a class and all the students slides are in different size fonts...
  • 19 Jan Maya Gilmour
    PP Asssessment Criteria
    Hi Heather, Descriptor E is cut off on the PP assessment full criteria. I'd love to print out this resource. Thanks, Maya
  • 18 Jan Edward Twohig
    Planning and Progress Form
    Hello Heather, Just looking at the new 6/VACAF it does not include a teacher record of interactions section with the candidate for The Process Portfolio. Is there a second form for this? Just asking... thank you in advance.
  • 16 Jan Patrick Kerr
    Resolved Work
    Very useful as always! Thank you Heather. pk
  • 12 Jan Heather McReynolds
    E submission Guidelines
    Marita, the page clearly outlines what is submitted. 2 overview photos and one of each piece, the other two additional photos are optional- see all files uploaded to IBIS, by student or teacher-hope this helps!
  • 12 Jan Heather McReynolds
    Art Making Forms Table
    Tiffany, could you invite another teacher or visiting artist to run a workshop in another medium such as ceramics or textiles?
  • 12 Jan Marita Redondo
    E submission Guidelines
    I'm confused about what students submit for Exhibition. Do they only submit the 2 Exhibition photos or do they also submit 2 photos of each of the art pieces included in their Exhibition? Do students submit all this or does the teacher? Another...
  • 11 Jan Tiffany Davis
    Art Making Forms Table
    Hi Heather, I only teach 2D film and digital photography. If I had students transfer their photographs onto a 3D surface (such as wood) would that count as two different art making forms from the table? If not, I'm not really sure what I...