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Results Day - 6th July in the Northern Hemisphere 5 July 2021

Results Day is around the corner on 6th July for schools in the Northern Hemisphere. The IB has published a series of information pages about the moderation and marking process, explaining how they endeavoured... more

IA data processing and p-hacking 1 May 2021

I have recently learned about the term p-hacking, the incorrect use of significance testing, and it leads to studies making striking claims which go against generally accepted ideas. We have all read... more

Distance learning - timeline activities 19 February 2021

How can we be sure that students have understood the main learning objectives of a lesson during distance learning? Setting some work to do, collecting it and then marking each piece of writing is great... more

Biological clickbait 7 February 2021

Every once in a while my attention is caught by a video at the side of a page and just sometimes it's such an interesting idea I want to share it with my IB students. Time is precious in IB Biology so... more

Colaborative slides for distance learning 24 January 2021

In distance learning if teachers can design activities where students create knowledge rich objects in exercises which can be quickly and simply supervised, lessons are more productive, students are more... more

Crafting and baking in IB Biology 1 October 2020

Teachers working to keep students engaged while delivering lesson using computers at a distance are frequently encouraged to think about screen free activities. There are many possible options in IB... more

Using Flipgrid with ThinkIB Biology activities 1 August 2020

Flipgrid, is one of the most effective free tools a teacher can have in their toolbox today. It is a platform for sharing videos that is easy and intuitive to use. It enables students to practice key... more

Using the coronavirus genome in lessons 3 July 2020

One of the amazing things about the outbreak of Coronavirus at the end of 2019 was the speed with which the Chinese authorities sequenced and published the whole genome of the virus.The genome can be... more

May 2020 IA uploads - latest update 30 March 2020

The IB has just decided that they will no longer hold the May 2020 examinations. With considerable consultation across the globe it was decided that this was the most responsible and ethical way forward... more

Teaching about lungs using Coronavirus information 23 February 2020

While it's important not to fuel anxiety about the current Coronavirus outbreak during Biology lessons, it can't be denied that the outbreak of this new virus, called Covid-19, catches student attention.... more