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Evolution debate links IB Biology concepts 2 August 2019

In recent years a debate about standard evolutionary theory has taken place amongst Biologists. Any sign of disagreement among scientists can be interpreted as a weakness of the theory of evolution, when... more

Guiding students from plagiarism to research 2 May 2019

Sometimes a student will find an experiment online which is very similar to their own IA. They think this is a disaster, they are trying to find an original research questions for their investigation... more

A fire breathing monster in the immune system? 3 March 2019

A new therapy which strengthens the power of a patient’s immune system to attack tumours is curing people of cancer. It is an exciting and ingenious technique which links many areas of Biology which... more

Biology is everywhere, can't you see it? 15 December 2018

When students say that they don't have any idea what they would like to investigate for their Individual investigation, I'm surprised. "What do you mean? There is Biology everywhere you look, can't you... more

Approaches to teaching Biology - ATL 2 December 2018

I've thought for a while that one of the transferable benefits of students learning a musical instrument is the coaching they get in how to learn. Music teachers can achieve this with their students in... more

Put down your highlighter! 30 July 2018

Put down your highlighter. Make marginal notes or comments instead. How many of us see students highlighting key points but actually covering the whole page in fluorescent colour?When I see a student... more

InThinking student groups 6 July 2018

Imagine if you could ask your students to read a page of this website and your mark book automatically checked that they have done this reading assignment? Perhaps you want students to write a comment... more

Using micro-organisms in IB Bio labs 30 May 2018

We cannot argue that micro-organisms are as important to our lives as photosynthesis. We shouldn't describe bacteria simply as harmful or beneficial, because our relationship with micro-organisms is complex,... more

Teacher planning pages - student access 3 May 2018

The student access for the teacher planning pages has just changed. Teachers can now turn on/off the student access to these page using the function "Add/Edit Content", in the same way as for model... more

Uploading IA samples to IBIS? 24 March 2018

In the northern hemisphere only a few weeks remain before the April deadline to upload samples for the Biology IA - the Individual investigation. Here are a few reminders for teachers.For more detail... more