Zygote body: a resource for human anatomy

Monday 3 February 2014

This free web resource, an now an ipad app called Atlas is a wonderful 3D viewer of the body.  It could really help students during the topic on human biology. 

Zygote body claims, "you can dissect anatomy in real-time, cutting away virtual tissue in 3D" and this seems really quite possible.  This is a modern revolution in anatomy, rather like the drawings of Versalius must have seemed during the renaissance period.

Although the detail is precise enough for medical students and doctors the navigation is so clear and intuitive that IB students will have no trouble using it.  By clicking and dragging the image rotates. By scrolling with the mouse the image zooms in or out.  The user can easily make bones and organs transparent, or even invisible so that each structure can be studied in its own time.

The resource merits some IB related teaching materials for topics such as digestion or reproduction and it is on my 'to do' list already. Watch this space during 2014.

Tags: humans, digestion, web2.0


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