Final revision of SL topics

Saturday 2 May 2015

There are many ways to revise for IB Biology exams and each student needs to find a system which works for them individually. However IB Biology has a lot of content, requires an understanding of many processes and this tends to favour revision methods which rehearse memory and recall. Such methods might include making revision lists, drawing spider diagrams, using flashcards, even some good old fashioned "look-cover-test-check".

To help students in their final days of revision for this year's IB biology exams there are a series of free pages on the Inthinking Biology site. These pages cover the SL topics from Cells to Humans and they include, flashcards, an A4 summary sheet for each topic, some self marking quizzes and detailed revision lists for each section of the topic.

Here are links to the pages:


Students might:

  • Use the A4 revision sheets to check their memory of each of the aspects of the topics,
  • Play the study mode game "scatter" on Quizlet after reading the flashcards
  • Highlight in red / amber / green the syllabus points depending on how well they understand each section
  • Check their understanding with a short self-marking quiz.


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