Struggling to navigate the PRC?

Monday 15 January 2018

Since the closure of the OCC and the development of the new programme resource centre (PRC) for official IBO documents I have been taking some time to find the things I need; such as the guidance on ATLs and the forms for Biology IA. To make things easier for myself I created a list of direct links to the specific places I use regularly.  There is a nice tool for collecting links together call Symbaloo and it puts them all in once square as small times. I couldn't resist trying it. This simple Symbaloo link collection is a great solution. In just one click you can navigate to the old OCC which you might need for reference as an IB Biology teachers.  It helps me, perhaps you will like it too.
I hope so.

You will need a valid login for myIB to access the links.

If you have a Symbaloo account and would like to add this webmix simply click the nine-dots symbol to view on Symbaloo
and the click the "add this webmix" button.


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