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Love study 12 February 2011

Scientific American magazine in Feb 2011 has a back page article called "Your Brain in Love" by Mark Fischetti. This article describes how fMRI studies with people who declare their state of love while... more

MRSA attacked 11 February 2011

MRSA, which stands for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is nearly impossible to defeat once an infection settles into the body but researchers may have found a new weapon. Details of the... more

Chemical Signal for Mate Selection 11 February 2011

This article demonstrates how a chemical signal and behaviour to use the signal might be affected by natural selection. This could be used as one of the two examples in Option E1.4. Gil Rosenthal, a... more

Correlations in databases 30 December 2010

We get frequent news items that claim something is related to another factor. Students need to learn how to read through these messages for better understanding of the science and consequences. more

Google's Body Browser 19 December 2010

Everyone must have seen GoogleEarth by now. Type in a location and swoosh the computer flies you in to the precise spot you wanted. Google has gone into outer space and the deep ocean too. Now Google... more

Foreshadowing of Frankenfish? 13 December 2010

This is a very interesting and early article about the risks of GMO fish which draws attention to the blog about Frankenfish being allowed to sold for human consumption- see Frankenfish. Just be because... more

Genetics of bird song 6 December 2010

Brian Wallheimer's article "Some birds listen, instead of look, for mates"Wallheimer, Brian. "Some birds listen, instead of look, for mates." Purdue News Service. Purdue University, 2 Dec. 2010. Web.... more

Arsenic based life forms 2 December 2010

Remember the murder mystery "Arsenic and old lace" , where a couple of old ladies did away with guests using arsenic poisoning? Researchers in California have found a life form that uses arsenic in... more

Biodiversity & food webs 1 December 2010

A very interesting article, "Study: Ecological effects of biodiversity loss underestimated" Boyd, Jade. "Rice University | News & Media." Rice University | News & Media. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Dec. 2010.... more

Coral reef die-off 23 October 2010

"A massive coral bleaching event in Southeast Asian reefs in the Indian and Pacific oceans is the worst coral die-off since 1998, and possibly the worst science has ever observed, says Andrew Baird of... more