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When the "cat" is away 23 October 2010

This article, by George Foulsham in, could be read in connection with Communities & ecosystems for Food chains & webs as well as with Populations for factors that influence population growth;... more

Asthma Factor 6 October 2010

How air pollution is involved in the immune response in the lungs is the focus in this study in California. "While air pollution is known to be a source of immediate inflammation, a new study provides... more

Human Height Genes 4 October 2010

An international group of hundreds of researchers who had previously been competing in genetic research have combined their efforts to look at how human height is controlled by "hundreds" of genes.... more

IVF Nobel Prize 2010 4 October 2010

Robert G Edwards has received the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year. His work began in the 1950's and the climax came in July 1978 with the first test tube baby, Louise Brown. She has since had a... more

Ocean Trophic Levels 24 September 2010

Given the choice of blubber or muscle, what do you think they would choose? The article "Jaws Exposed" in the Daily Mail Online about great white sharks feeding on a whale carcass provides many links... more

Oktoberfest bacteria 20 September 2010

I live just outside of Munich and this is the season of Oktoberfest, the world renowned festival, even though most of the festival is in September! Germans call it the largest Folk Festival in the... more

Membrane Proteins 16 September 2010

Yesterday, as I was discussing the significance of polar and nonpolar amino acids in Proteins, I drew the classic diagram of a channel protein in a membrane on the whiteboard. When I asked the students... more

Photophosphorylation 8 September 2010

Yesterday I tried a little theatre in my HL class. Students chose roles of the different "characters" of the chemiosmosis process. I pushed the tables away and put the chairs in a oval shape. more

Conservation of endangered species 1 September 2010

Paul Harris has written a fantastic article ‘The Frozen Zoo aiming to bring endangered species back from the brink’ in this week’s Observer Harris,Paul. " The Frozen Zoo aiming to bring endangered... more

Ecosystems at Risk 9 May 2010

Matthew Knight's article in CNNKnight, Matthew. "U.N. report: Eco-systems at 'tipping point' -" International - Breaking, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Video News. N.p.,... more