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Struggling to navigate the PRC? 15 January 2018

Since the closure of the OCC and the development of the new programme resource centre (PRC) for official IBO documents I have been taking some time to find the things I need; such as the guidance on ATLs... more

Concept based learning 10 January 2018

Concepts in learning provide a support to extend and deepen student understanding. They provide a structure to help students and teachers alike make connections between different areas of Biology and... more

Reflex arc - playground model 14 September 2017

Walking along a neurone and passing chemicals (sweets) to the next neurone could be a great way to illustrate the reflex arc with IB students. I recently tried this out at the end of term and my students... more

Using a database in Individual Investigations 30 August 2017

It's hard to persuade students that it might be a good ideas to use a database for their investigation. Stuents have lots of experience of manipulating glassware in the lab, but not so much experience... more

Backchannel collaborations 7 August 2017

We all know it is a good idea for students to come to our lessons prepared to participate and share their ideas. The best learning occurs when students are answering each other's questions, asking questions,... more

Slow looking 31 July 2017

Slow looking is an approach to give students time to explore the details. There is no right or wrong, just for once. Follow the four steps outlined next to this image of phagocytosis.This activity should... more

Educational games 4 July 2017

On the Inthinking Biology website there are several biological games which could make for a nice end of term activity. That's not to say that students won't learn anything they have all been designed... more

Online tools #2 - Quizlet live 4 February 2017

It's the time of the year when students need guidance about exam tecnhique. In particular reminders about the exact meaning of the command terms. I often give out a list of Explanations of tricky command... more

Online tools #1- Kahoot 7 January 2017

Kahoot is a great free online tool for formative assessment or just for a bit of fun at the end of a lesson.Students could make their own quizes (it's that simple) to use in their own revision. more

It's easier to talk while holding a model 18 December 2016

Students often have trouble explaining biological process, especially when the parts are invisibly small. Why do students get stuck with Osmosis, how can we use home made models to help them?One way... more