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Coaching students to succeed in answering difficult questions 18 October 2016

Do your students ever complain that they hadn't been taught the content of a question in your test? The chances are that the question is testing Aim 4. To develop an ability to analyse, evaluate and... more

Internal Assessment - latest guidance 30 September 2016

The 2016 examiners' report has just been released on the OCC. Are there changes or new instructions for the Internal Assessment? This blog post sumarises the main points to save you time.Of course there... more

Planting an olympic forest in Rio 2016 7 August 2016

.During the opening ceremony the Olympic rings turned a lush green. This was to symbolise the fact that 11,000 parading athletes were each given a tree seedling.Organisers have pledged that every tree... more

Awe & wonder versus pragmatism in IB Biology 19 June 2016

A recent question by a subscriber, Asli, started me thinking about the content of the IB Biology course we teach. I sometimes discuss with colleagues which topics are most important for our younger students... more

How to annotate investigations for the moderator 21 May 2016

Once students have finished their Individual Investigation that's it! They won't complete another assessed experiment during their IB and this makes me consider the way I annotate the investigations while... more

Upload of IA Investigations eCoursework 19 February 2016

The IB has recently announced changes to the admin and upload procedures for IA Investigations Group 4 subjects including Biology.In summary these are the changes:One real advantage of uploading the investigations... more

Guiding student ideas towards biological extended essays 17 January 2016

At this time of year many students begin to think about their Extended essay topic. I often have a student who comes to me and asks about an interesting idea which is more psychological than biological.... more

A new year reshuffle ! 7 January 2016

Now that the last exams from the "old IB Biology guide" are behind us it's time to change the top menu but don't panic. If you have been using a favorite resource from the old guide materials they are... more

Student access - a nice upgrade 11 November 2015

Those who are eagle eyed may have noticed a subtle change to the Inthinking Biology site homepage recently. It is now possible to edit your profile using 'Account details' or bookmark pages as 'Favourite... more

How simple could an IA research question be? 1 October 2015

In a recent discussion about IA investigations I found myself defending the idea that we should encourage students to do an investigation which is suitably complex for IB Biology. The key question is,... more