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Serendipity and Ecology fieldwork 18 October 2014

In May 2007 the first unequivocal proof that crocodiles shed tears while eating was published in Bioscience magazine although for many years the false remorse of hungry crocodiles has been legendary.... more

Extraterrestrial life in the new IB guide 21 September 2014

When I began teaching in 1991 I never dreamed that one day I'd be teaching about extraterrestrial life in a Biology lesson. I'm always keen to bring new research into lessons and I like looking for ways... more

New content in the cells topic 7 September 2014

In the new IB guide the IBO have, quite rightly, added some new concepts which have become important recently but were unknown when many of us were studying Biology full time at university. The control... more

TOK: Ethics as an area of knowledge 17 August 2014

If Ethics is an area of knowledge then its status in the IB diploma is similar to Biology, which is one of the Natural Sciences, another area of knowledge. So if a student asks, "in a world of food shortages... more

More TOK examples for students - perception 11 August 2014

In TOK students learn how our brain uses previous experience to interpret images we see with our eyes. Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us and we can see a scary shape in a shadow, or a face in the... more

Helping students to link TOK - Reasoning 28 July 2014

Students learn about "Reasoning" as a way of knowing in TOK lessons. Often examples illustrate the idea of reasoning like this;This is an example of deductive reasoning, in fact it is a conditional syllogism... more

Vernier data logging - first impressions 11 July 2014

Having already struggled to use Phillip Harris, Data Harvest and XLlogger data loggers with students, it was with an expectation of rushing around solving lots of little problems that I embarked on a... more

Interesting ways of using Mesocosms 19 April 2014

Since the publication of the new IB guide I've been puzzling over Mesocosms. The guide says, "Setting up sealed mesocosms to try to establish sustainability. (Practical 5)" So what is a mesocosm exactly?... more

Backward Planning with the new IB guide 16 April 2014

Planning activities with the new IB Guide - using the Understanding by Design formatThe 2014 IB guide has been written with a new focus on concept based learning and for this reason the command terms... more

Zygote body: a resource for human anatomy 3 February 2014

This free web resource, an now an ipad app called Atlas is a wonderful 3D viewer of the body. It could really help students during the topic on human biology. Zygote body claims, "you can dissect anatomy... more