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fMRI and comatose 21 February 2013

In option E, students are to study about two aspects of the human brain. First how various ways of studying the brain leads to our understanding of how the brain functions. The methods include lesions... more

Carbon load 17 November 2012

I went for a hike the other day as the weather was wonderful. The path went through three different types of forests: monoculture spruce plantations, single wood beech and mixed species forest. The... more

Click to Cure - Zooniverse Biology 26 October 2012

If your IB Biology class has just finished the Cells topic and has spent some time looking at the stages of mitosis in a microscope then your students could be ready to participate in real biological... more

New from old 20 October 2012

The Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine was awarded to two scientists, one who discovered the process of cloning by nuclear transfer and the second for reprogramming of mature cells by gene insertions. more

Nobel Prize 2012 11 October 2012

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2012 was awarded to two Americans who have worked to elucidate the structure and function G- Protein Coupled Receptors or GPCR's. This article "Cells and Sensiblity"... more

Body Scan 7 October 2012

I have not had to go through one of the body scan machines yet but the security for air traffic apparently outweighs the invasion of personal rights. But this is a different story. Nearly two years... more

Improbably funny 4 October 2012

I have been telling a joke about inviting mushrooms to parties in Biology lessons for nearly 20 years. Last week I think I've discovered a cure in the form of a festival of Scientific achievements that... more

GMO? OMG! 23 September 2012

The French study about tumour growth as a result of a diet of GMO maize ( or corn) as well as consuming various levels of ther herbicide Roundup® versus a control group that was fed non GMO maize has... more

Floating Discs 22 September 2012

Just before all the leaves die, I am teaching the topic of photosynthesis now. I wanted to expose my students to the various ways of measuring the rate of photosynthesis before they write a Design... more

The first successful cloning of an extinct species since Jurassic Park 14 September 2012

I stumbled on this great story while teaching the Ecology option G this year. A very good example of a recent extinction, it provides an opportunity to revise some genetics and catches the students imagination... more