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Taking from nature 5 September 2012

Using the proteins of Photosystem I from chloroplasts has become another way to make solar cells for electricity production. Scientists at Vanderbilt University have published their results showing... more

My first Biology lesson 29 August 2012

At the start of the year I want my students to discover what a great subject Biology is and there is no time to waste in an IB course with such a lot of content. I usually start the year with a microscope... more

Endosymbiosis: Biology research for IB classrooms 14 August 2012

In a recent article New Scientist magazine exposes a fascinating organism which is difficult to classify. What's more exciting to scientists is that it looks like a living example of endosymbiosis,... more

Scientific process 23 June 2012

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog "Arsenic based life forms?" a study was published suggesting that a bacterium could be using arsenic instead of phosphorus in building its DNA and other molecules.... more

Convergent evolution- losing the eye 26 May 2012

A recent study from biologists at New York University about evolution of cave adaptations in cave fish suggests that the loss of eyes and pigmentation has occurred frequently and repeatedly as new populations... more

Ethics of conservation 17 March 2012

Is there any justification for allowing some species go extinct and not try to prevent their disappearance forever? A recent article in the New Scientist provides a glimpse at the arguments being proposed... more

Apocalypse Now? 4 February 2012

Several articles have been circulating about the dangers of the bird flu virus, H5N1, since it first appeared a few years ago. Influenza, or the flu, is not a new disease but with new variations the... more

Genetic resuscitation from extinction 11 January 2012

Charles Darwin made a number of observations on his round the world voyage from 1831 to 1835. One of his most famous accounts stem from the variety between the giant Galapagos tortoises found on different... more

Meat & Global warming? 9 December 2011

Recently, an article in The New Scientist "Just how much meat can eco-citizens eat?" by Sujata Gupta provides interesting reading for biology students. Sujata makes a statement about the waste of animal... more

Gene Therapy 7 December 2011

Researchers have produced a hybrid virus from several varieties of non-pathogenic virus called AAV. This study from the Univiersity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill investigates the use of viruses for... more