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Calvin cycle 6 November 2011

Melvin Calvin was awarded the Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1961 for his work to ellucidate the chemical pathway of the light independent reactions. Using Chlorella and radioactive carbon-14 isotope,... more

Convergence 28 October 2011

Long before the European armies invaded the Americas, plated armor had been constructed with the design that resembled the structure of the nine-banded armadillo. This defense mechanism allows the animal... more

Human Population Growth 21 October 2011

According to the article "When will the 7 billionth human baby be born?" in the New Scientist, the United Nations has made a statement that the human population will reach 7 billion on 31 October 2011. more

10 km run 16 October 2011

So, my daughter is a cross country runner in grade 11. She also runs a 46 minute ten kilometer race ( 6 miles). We don't like for her to run alone in the woods even though life is pretty safe where... more

Use of DNA profiles 5 October 2011

DNA profiles are now being used to track lumber products from the cut tree to the wooden product. According to Andrew Lowe, chief scientific officer of DoubleHelix in Singapore. , "Tree DNA is still... more

Diet & Diabetes 27 August 2011

In this recent study, James Marth a researcher at the University of California at Santa Barbara, found that a diet overly rich in fats blocked the metabolic pathway for the response to high glucose... more

Primary succession 14 August 2011

This past week I took some time away from the computer, the phone, the TV and the news of the falling stock market and went to the Hohe Tauern mountains of Austria. The target area in this vast national... more

Correlation or Cause? 5 August 2011

A recent study by Kimber Stanhope at the University of California, Davis has been released that claims to establish a link between sugary diets and heart disease. The study is based on a trial group... more

Protein folding 29 June 2011

This article by Mike Williams-Rice is a nice read for HL students to link with the folding of polypeptides to produce the tertiary structure of proteins. It is great to associate the syllabus points... more

Deadly bacteria 23 June 2011

Things seem to be clearer about the recent bacterial infection that has affected mostly Northern Germany this May- June. This article in the New York Times clearly indicates the suspected evolution... more