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IA ideas during a pandemic 2020-2117 April 2021

The academic year from 2020 to 2021 has been challenging for everyone and challenge brings innovation. Many students have found themselves at home trying to do their IAs with limited access to equipment... more

Brain structure and function17 April 2021

The human brain rapidly develops from the neural tube and a hugely complex organ results. In this activity students answer some questions about basic processes involved in brain formation. Activity... more

Leaf stomata & transpirationfree5 April 2021

What are the special adaptations of leaf structure, and what is the stomata's dilemma? This activity uses a short video introduction to the roles of cells in a leaf and note taking about leaf structure... more

Vascular tissues - introductionfree5 April 2021

This lesson begins with a hands-on look inside the roots and stems of plants to see that the cells are not all the same and that there are specialised cells helping the plant to transport water and sugars.... more

Classification & binomial names5 April 2021

Students will learn how to classify organisms according to their taxonomic group, and how to understand the binomial nomenclature. These are a few introductory slides and then a card sorting activity... more

Setting up student groupsfree4 April 2021

All of the features of student access are found by clicking the yellow button in the top left of each page,or by clicking the little down arrow by your name to reveal the yellow button?This opens a larger... more

Hairy Hands - genetics of mid-digital hairfree4 April 2021

Imagine that you are the 'agony aunt' in a teenage magazine. A young person has written to you with a worry about hair on their hands. Find out all the genetics about hair on the fingers so that you can... more

Translation & ribosomes3 April 2021

Students are introduced to the three stages of translation, initiation, synthesis (elongation) and termination. This includes the role of tRNA activating enzymes and the binding sites on ribosomes. There... more

Sanger sequencing - conceptual linking3 April 2021

This activity explores the parts of the IB guide which students need to understand if they are to be able to explain DNA sequencing using the Sanger method. While this method is now quite outdated it's... more

IA Maize Genetics Experiment3 April 2021

In this lesson students are first introduced to a simple method of testing goodness of fit using a chi squared test. This is followed by a short experiment using maize cobs to predict and test genetic... more