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Muscles & joints14 April 2019

Using a model skeleton or interactive web tools like "Zygotebody" and "Visible Human" students identify different joints in the skeleton before exploring the detail of synovial joints and the human elbow.... more

Evolution Introductionfree14 April 2019

After watching a short video introduction to evolution students answer questions to complete structured notes, about the different types of evidence which support the theory. This is followed by an activity... more

Nitrogen cycle - model answersfree14 April 2019

Here are some worked examples of answers for the Nitrogen cycle IB style questions on the page: Nitrogen cycle - applications.Please remember that these are 'model answers' and many other ideas, and... more

Topic 8 - Metabolism A3 revision - model answersfree14 April 2019

This page shows suggestions of model answers for the A3 revision sheet: Topic 8 metabolism A3 revision worksheet.This sheet will reassure students who are revising, of course, but the process of looking... more

Nitrogen cycle - applications14 April 2019

This activity introduces the chemicals of the nitrogen cycle and the concept or biogeochemical cycles. Some simple revision flashcards cards can be printed or practised online and there are two interesting... more

Annotating IA Investigationsfree10 April 2019

Once students have finished their Individual Investigation that's it! They won't complete another assessed experiment during their IB and this makes me consider the way I annotate the investigations while... more

Light Independent Reactions5 April 2019

The reactions of the Stroma of the Chloroplast are known as the light independent reactions and also the Calvin cycle. This activity introduces some of the molecules to students and some steps of the... more

Mesocosm Lab27 March 2019

The IB are not the first to think of making a mesocosm. Bill Latimer set one up in his living room in 1960 and hasn't watered it since 1973. See the whole story here. There are other places where mesocosms... more

River pollution biotic index - model answers27 March 2019

Here are some worked examples of the answers in the Biotic index activity Simplified Biotic index calculations from field work simulation of a river study on the page: Indicator species & biotic index. more

Photosynthesis quiz 2.925 March 2019

This is a short self-marking multiple choice quiz for topic 2.9 - PhotosynthesisAnswer the questions on the following quiz then click 'check' at the end. more