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Blood and Blood Vessels.23 October 2019

Students will investigate the work of Harvey and his discovery of the circulatory system. The structure and function of veins and arteries are also important components of this lesson and is the composition... more

Immune System free23 October 2019

This lesson contains two constructivist activities. In the first students research and classify microorganisms into pathogens and non pathogens. The second activity is a challenge to narrate a series... more

Hormones introductionfree20 October 2019

Students are introduced to hormones in this lesson using three examples, leptin, thyroxin and melatonin. These examples clearly illustrate the nature of hormones and ideas about homeostasis. After some... more

Measuring size in Biologyfree15 October 2019

How many µm make a mm? This activity gives students clear examples of biological objects to cover sizes from 1mm to 1nm. Students watch a short video clip, investigate a visual biological data base using... more

IA avoiding common errors - model answers15 October 2019

This page shows suggestions of model answers for the activities on the page IA - Avoiding common errors These are suggestions, not a mark scheme and many other wordings are also correct answers.Time spent... more

Animal physiology - test HL - mark scheme13 October 2019

This is the mark scheme for the Animal physiology testI Attenuated microbesII Antigen molecules from a pathogenIII A harmless pathogen that challenges the immune system more

Food Webs9 October 2019

Students complete an online activities to review trophic levels and feeding relationships in an African savannah food webs. There is a card activity to complete using terms such as heterotroph, carnivore,... more

Cell Respiration.9 October 2019

With the smell of caramel from the burning glucose filling the lab, students discuss the need for metabolic pathways in respiration. A card sort activity and discussion will outline the main ideas for... more

Model answers for classification IB style qns9 October 2019

Fleas are a type of wingless insect which feed of the blood of their hosts using a tube which pieres the skin. They are classified in the order “Siphonaptera” (Siphon – tube, a-ptera – wingless) more

Genetically Modified Organisms.9 October 2019

In an excellent BBC interview with some anti-GMO protesters destroying a field of research crops some young people were asked to explain why they were taking this action. None of those interviewed could... more