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Activation energy and enzyme pathwaysfree17 February 2019

Students are introduced to a simple metabolic pathway consisting of a chain of enzyme-catalysed reactions leading to the Kreb's cycle which is a cycle of enzyme catalysed reactions. The method of enzymes... more

Photosynthesis Experimentsfree16 February 2019

This activity introduces a simple method of measuring the rate of photosynthesis and leads students to design their own investigation of a factor which affects it. A second activity illustrates how the... more

Mitosis and the Cell Cyclefree14 February 2019

Mitosis is a miraculous process. In the making of the three trillion cells of our bodies it manages to faithfully replicate and share the chromosomes equally between all the daughter cells. This lesson... more

Extracting DNA Experiment.14 February 2019

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material of all organisms, DNA is universal. We find the same genes performing the same functions in all species living on Earth.Since all living things contain... more

Electron Transport Chain.14 February 2019

Modelling the biochemical pathway of the electrontransport chain is learned through the activities in this lesson. Using some simple slides students are introduced to the movement of H+ ions and electrons... more

Proteins SL Quiz 2.414 February 2019

Proteins SLProteins 27/01/2018 : Multi-choice questions about proteins 2.4 more

Hormonal control in plants14 February 2019

How do plants respond to light if they don't have eyes nor a brain? The mechanism is quite complex but it is a good illustration of the role of membrane proteins and the fluid nature of the plasma membrane.... more

Population growth curvesfree14 February 2019

This activity shows how populations can grow in limited environments. While it is possible to carry out wet labs or field work to see the growth of populations with this model students can quickly understand... more

Muscles & joints13 February 2019

Using a model skeleton or interactive web tools like "Zygotebody" and "Visible Human" students identify different joints in the skeleton before exploring the detail of synovial joints and the human elbow.... more

Alveoli & gas exchange3 February 2019

Students learn about the structure of the lungs and their alveoli including type I and II pneumocytes. After a short quiz on basic lung structure a short screen cast helps students to complete a diagram... more