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Intestine Structure & Function.free17 June 2019

After learning to draw an annotated diagram of the digestive system students extend their understanding by looking at details of intestine structure and how they relate to function. This includes identification... more

Topic 9 - Plants HL - A3 Revision sheet model answers10 June 2019

This page shows suggestions of model answers for the A3 revision sheet: topic 9 plants A3 HL revision worksheetThis sheet will reassure students who are revising and help them to fill in any gaps, or... more

Epidemiology - Framingham heart studyfree9 June 2019

The Framingham Heart Study is a long-term epidemiological study which began in 1948 and is still ongoing. This activity introduces the study with a few slides then gives students a chance to analyze the... more

Framingham heart study - model answers9 June 2019

This page shows suggestions of model answers for the activity: Epidemiological data analysis​ on the page Epidemiology - Framingham heart studyThis sheet will reassure students, but there are other... more

Enzyme Theory1 June 2019

The genetic code, DNA, can only provide the instructions for making proteins because of the enzymes which copy the DNA into mRNA. Enzymes like RNA polymerase are at the centre of most of the cells biochemical... more

Meiosis Quick Quiz Answers28 May 2019

ANSWER: Prophase 1ANSWER: Telophase 1ANSWER: Metaphase IIANSWER: Prophase 1ANSWER: Telophase II more

Introduction to Meiosis.28 May 2019

Students begin by sorting cards to outline the process of meiosis, including pairing of homologous chromosomes and crossing over, followed by two divisions, resulting in four haploid cells. Online flashcards,... more

Nine steps to an extended essay22 May 2019

The extended essay can be daunting. It is longer than most other pieces of work in the IB program and the work is usually carried out by students on their own, over a long time span and with less direct... more

Alveoli & gas exchange22 May 2019

Students learn about the structure of the lungs and their alveoli including type I and II pneumocytes. After a short quiz on basic lung structure a short screen cast helps students to complete a diagram... more

Topic 1 - Cells revision activitiesfree22 May 2019

All the different aspects of the cells topic on a single A3 sheet, for revision. By completing short questions or explanations students are forced to review the whole topic and complete an overview of... more