Genetics Revision & Assessment

Revision & Assessment materials for the Genetics Topic

A4 Revision Page

Complete the worksheet below about the topic.
You should use your lesson notes, and your text book to help you.

Compare your answers to the model answers.
Make improvements to your answers and note the areas which require further revision.

Quizlet Revision Cards

Inthinking Formative Online Quizzes

These simple self marking quizzes will help students to check their understand of the main areas of the topic.

IB Style Questions & Model Answers

These questions cover some of the main points in this topic and test student understanding.

Each question comes with a model answer and some advice from an IB examiner.

IB Exam Past Paper Questions

For summative assessment it is important that students get used to real IB past paper questions and their mark schemes.

Past papers can be purchased from the IB store

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