IB Biology induction

Induction Programme

During the induction period students will learn about some of the important skills needed for success in IB Biology. The activities during the first lessons can be used to assess these key skills and give students feedback. This is important information to help the choice between HL or SL and to develop biological skills.

Key Skills for IB BiologyAssessment Activity
Ability to memorise facts

Learning functions of orgnelles.
Eukaryotic Cell Ultrastructure

Skill in the use of Biological Apparatus

Measuring Equipment - IA skills training

Use of Excel for experiment reports

Written communication skills.

Student observing cells experiment worksheet

Working with diagramsDrawing, learning, annotating diagrams of Cell organelles.
Eukaryotic Cell Ultrastructure
Applying factual knowledge to new examples.Past IB exam questions about prokaryote cell structure.
IB style questions on prokaryote structure
Understanding of key issues in the nature of Science

Cell Theory Investigation

This could be followed by short student presentations about:

  • whether Cell Theory is useful or not, as there are clearly some exceptions like skeletal muscles.
  • whether the evidence of cells in organisms and exceptions like fungal hyphae supports or falsifies Cell Theory.

At the end of this period, a summary of your achievements and areas for improvement will be shared with you and given to the IB coordinator using the following form. Click here to download the PDF file.

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