Getting started

How to make the best use of this website in your lesson planning?

The new guide was published in 2014 for first teaching in September 2014 and first exams in 2016. There is a complete change to the way the guide is written and some teachers may be a little lost at first.

This website contains loads of ideas related to teaching of IB biology within the new guide. This section of the site contains information about the changes to the guide as well as information about this Inthinking Biology website.

There are pages of information about the structure of the IB Biology course and its assessment. Introductions to the ideas about the Nature of Science and suggestions of ways to incorporate ToK in lessons and the IB Learner Profile.

A large section of the site is devoted to lesson ideas and learning activities. Interactive resources online are linked to student worksheets in structured lesson plans which are tailored specifically for the IB Biology course. Planning pages show how the learning activities link to the understandings, skills and applications in the IB guide. They also suggest some guiding questions for students.

In more and more schools the Biology lab is equipped with a projector or an interactive whiteboard. The lesson plans in this site are written to both the teacher and the student with the intention that they are projected on the board and guide the lesson. Instructions for students are clearly displayed next to the online resources or worksheets. Teachers can spend their time helping students to complete tasks as "the guide by the side" rather than writing notes on the board. I am fortunate enough to teach in an environment where all the students have access to the website on their own laptops and in some lessons students work directly from the lesson plan on their own laptop.

Many school are not so well resourced in ICT, so in almost all lesson there are also printable pdf files and the lesson plans themselves can be printed neatly using the print icon at the top of each page.

Some pages refer to resources which a biology teacher might use during the year to build their own lessons. These resources include some of the things which inspire ideas for this website.

Please also look in the section of older materials where there are many good lesson plans which are still relevant to the new guide. These are awaiting an update to make them fit the new guide correctly. I did not want to simple copy and paste resources without checking them thoroughly.

A schedule of planned updates to the resources.

In October 2014 there will be four complete topics of resources (SL Cells, SL Molecular biology, HL plants and HL Nucleic Acids) and introductory notes for all aspects of the IB Core, the PSOW and the IA - investigation.

Plans for future updates are as follows:

September 2014SL Cells, SL Molecular biology
October 2014HL plants and HL Nucleic Acids
November - December 2014SL & HL Genetics topics
January - February 2015SL Ecology topic
March - April 2015SL Humans & SL Evolution topics
Autumn 2015HL Physiology, HL Metabolism topic, Option D human physiology & Option A Neurobiology
Spring 2016Option B Biotechnology and bioinformatics & Option C Ecology

Selected Pages


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