Lab protocols for new IB guide

There are seven experiments which are prescribed by the new biology guide.

An understanding of these experiments will be assessed in the new first section of paper 3 on experimental skills.
Students will therefore need to have hands on experience of these experiments in particular. It is expected that short answer, structured questions will assess the skills to carry out the experiments, analyse the data and evaluate the results

This page is a catalogue of links for each of the prescribed labs in the new guide.
Scroll down to see the list of labs and thumbnails of the links.

P1 1.1 Calculation of magnification of drawings, actual size of structures from drawings or micrographs: Bookmark Links

P2 1.4 Estimation of osmolarity in tissues Comparative, potato/sweet potato, sodium chloride solution/ sucrose solution: Bookmark Links

P3 2.5 Investigation of a factor affecting enzyme activity: Bookmark Links

P4 2.9 Separation of photosynthetic pigments by chromatography:

P5 4 Attempting to create a sealed mesocosm - Garden in a bottle: Bookmark Links


The Crayfish Mesocosm Design Project

The crayfish class project combines the biological and engineering sciences to create a self-contained ecosystem. This system must be able to support the lives of 3-4 crayfish by providing the app...


Bottle Biospheres

Introduction: There's only one stable, long-lasting biosphere that we know of. It's the Earth. It shouldn't surprise you that human attempts to create sealed systems don't generally fare very well. The...


The Mesocosm Lab

A mesocosm is an ecosystem in miniature, providing a useful middle ground between an indoor lab and the great outdoors.

Bottle Ecosystems - Tim Downs

The objective of this lab is to put together a suitable habitat (ecosystem) that will allow one or two guppies to survive to the end of the school year and beyond. Students will make observations ...


Shot & Wine Glass Terrarium / Seed Starter

I do not garden as much as I use to, but when I do, I start the plants indoors - to get a jump on the short Michigan summers. To start my seeds, I use enclosed...


Tiny Terrariums

Here is a great, easy and inexpensive project perfect for kicking off the weekend with the family or getting in touch with your inner farmer.  Also, a great way to...


Eco-Column Lab

Eco-columns are by far the most fun lab that I have ever done! I did it with my AP Environmental Science class last semester, but I am planning on doing it with my regular Environmental Science cla…


Soil Science: Make a Winogradsky Column

A microbe-dependent demonstration from Science Buddies

P6 6.4 Monitoring of ventilation at rest and after mild and vigorous exercise. Bookmark Links

P7 9.1 Measurement of transpiration rates using potometers: Bookmark Links

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