IB style topic tests

These test are designed to help teachers assess students at the end of each topic and to help students practise IB style questions. They have been written specially for InThinking Biology by experienced IB teachers and examiners.

For each test there is a page of answers written in the form of a mark scheme.

Tests and mark schemes can be found using the left hand menu.

Test format: Time allowed 1 hour ( 40 marks )

Each test contains the following questions:

  • 10 multiple choice questions - 4 answer choices- A, B, C or D and only one correct. (10 marks)
  • 1 data based question including nature of science or a practical experiment points ( approx. 6 marks)
  • 6 short factual questions (worth approx. 12 marks)
  • 2 extended response questions (worth approximately 12 marks)
  • 2 or 3 extension questions (10 - 15 marks)

Teachers may wish to replace a question by one of the extension questions,
or to ask some students to attempt extra questions as differentiation.

Suggested grade boundaries: 7=31 marks, 6=26 marks, 5=22 marks, 4=19 marks, 3=16 marks, 2=12 marks, 1=8 marks.

Advice to students

These questions will help you to revise for the final IB exams and test your knowledge about each topic.
Your teacher will decide when the test will take place but to make best use of the test be prepared by doing the following;

  • review your lesson notes,

  • create shorter revision notes and

  • practise memorising the key points.

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