Student access teachers' quiz

Try this teachers' quiz and see if you know everything there is to know about student access.

This is a Quiz from the Features menu.

Multiple choice questions allow students to choose answers.

How many answers are there to choose from in this question?

It is just a silly question to illustrate the use of multiple choice questions.


When you have a longer answer to assess then it is possible to set a 'custom assignment'.

What is a "Custom assignment"?

In your answer include an introduction, an example and a conclusion.

(4 marks)

If you want to write your answer here, sorry   You have to use a word doc, or a piece of paper!


A custom assignment is a way of including any work completed by students into the InThinking markbook.


Students are asked to make a presentation using 3 props from the classroom to illustrate the four types of assignment.

There are marks awarded according to your usual presentation rubric.

These marks can be entered into the assignment in the student access area.


This is a great idea !

I don't have to have two markbooks.

Wouldn't it be good if the markbook could be exported into Excel or a similar format?


In the student access, new students need the special link to join the group.

Where does a teacher find the 'Invite students' link to allow a student to access a group?

There is a link called 'Invite students' on each of the groups which show on the groups page.

Once you are in a group then the link is found in the manage students section.

The student access Newsfeed is well worth looking at.  It records student activitiy for teachers to see. It doesn't contain the 'Invite students' link though.


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