Examples of data based questions

There are many data based questions in IB exams. These questions are found in section A of paper two and also in Section B of paper three, the option paper.

    This page list a number of examples of data based questions which can be found in this InThinking Biology website.
    There are also data based questions in each of the IB style end ot topic tests in the assessment and revision section.

    Data based questions

    Data analysis questions about cancer and the digestive tract

    Try this data analysis activity about mitosis.  This link to mitosis is not immediately obvious, this is the sort of question which tests a students ability to work out what is happening in a specific biological study which they haven't seen before.

    • Why do some 'villi' grow longer than others?
    • What causes growth?

    The evidence in the study supports the concept of mitosis which has become deregulated in the small intestines, which may cause cancer.

    Cancer and the digestive tract - linking cell division, cancer and histology

    To answer the questions precisely it's important to understand the command terms commonly found in data based questions.

    StateGive a specific name, value or other brief answer without explanation or calculation.
    MeasureObtain a value for a quantity.
    CalculateObtain a numerical answer showing the relevant stages in the working.
    EstimateObtain an approximate value.
    DescribeGive a detailed account.
    Distinguish betweenMake clear the differences between two or more concepts or items.
    CompareGive an account of the similarities between two (or more) items or situations, referring to both (all) of them throughout.
    Compare and contrastGive an account of similarities and differences between two (or more) items or situations, referring to both (all) of them throughout.
    AnalyseBreak down in order to bring out the essential elements or structure.
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