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October updates

Friday 1 October 2021

October 2021 updates

It's October! November centres will be busy preparing their students for the external examinations.

  • There are plenty of teaching and learning ideas and resources on the website for the Paper 1 Nov 2021 (Megamin Mining) case study. My colleague, Vivien Jack, has also provided some excellent tips in the Blogs.
  • For those looking for ideas to integrate TOK in the BM curriculum, take a look at this newly added Memory and Branding Quiz - how many can you and your students get right?
  • If you are fortunate enough to be back in the classroom, consider activities that engage students beyond the four walls of the physical classroom. An example is this ATL Activity which requires students to create a video on the recruitment process (Unit 2.1). The benefits of this sort of activity are outlined in the teachers' notes.
  • Another outstanding colleague, Gema Quintanilla, has created this excellent ATL Activity (Think, Pair, Share) which has been added to the numerous ATL Activities for Unit 1.3. I have also added a new ethical dilemma starter activity that you can use to introduce this topic - what would you do in this situation?
  • A new stakeholder mapping quiz has been added here, with a PDF version that you can print for students to complete and keep for revision purposes.
  • Following recent IB and InThinking workshops, the FAQ section on the HL IA has been updated following ideas generated from the last InThinking IA workshop. For many schools, it's IA season. The section on ideas for top tips for primary research (written by the esteemed Dr. Rima Puri) has also been recently updated.

All the best to colleagues and students who have the Paper 1 examination later this month (yes, November exams in October!)

Thank you for your ongoing support of InThinking Business Management. The website content exceeded 581,000 words in October 2021 (that's about 145 Extended Essay!)



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