SL IA Quiz

Standard Level Internal Assessment – Quiz

How much do you know about the SL IA? Take this quiz to find out. You can also let your students take the quiz too!

Quiz questions

  1. What is the recommended amount of time that should be spent on the SL IA?
  1. What is the maximum word limit for the Written Commentary?
  1. Are there any marks that will be deducted if the word limit is exceeded? If so, how many?
  1. What is the purpose of footnotes (if used)?
  1. How much of the final exam is the Written Commentary worth (weighting)?
  1. Does the quality of the presentation of the work (visual and written) affect the final grade?
  1. Pricing strategy is an example of a business theory – True or False?
  1. The Boston Consulting Group matrix is an example of a business tool – True or False?
  1. What does the candidate declaration do?
  1. Where should the word count be declared?
  1. Are tables of statistical data and equations, diagrams, formulae and calculations counted as part of the word count?
  1. Does the title of the IA have to be in the format of a question?
  1. How many supporting documents are required in the SL IA?
  1. What should be included in the bibliography?
  1. Does the conclusion have to be consistent with the evidence provided?
  1. Are judgments required in the evaluation?
  1. Is a contents page required?
  1. Are recommendations required?
  1. Are topics from the Higher Level syllabus allowed to be considered?
  1. Are moderators expected to read beyond the word limit?
  1. How many of the supporting documents can be a transcript of video/audio material?
  1. Is primary or secondary data more valuable to the SL IA?
  1. Do the supporting documents have to be contemporary in nature?
  1. How many drafts of the IA can a student submit for marking?
  1. It is recommended that students get a copy of the official assessment criteria (page 77 -79 of the guide)?

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