HL IA Quiz

Higher Level Internal Assessment – Quiz

How much do you know about the HL IA? Take this quiz to find out. You can also let your students take the quiz too!

Quiz questions

  1. What is the maximum word limit for the executive summary?
  1. To get a Level 7 in the HL IA, analysis and evaluation must show evidence of what?
  1. Is it possible to receive zero marks if there is no candidate declaration (of authenticity)?
  1. Can a Gantt Chart be used to produce the timeline in the Action Plan?
  1. Theories are considered as secondary research – True or false?
  1. For the HL IA, secondary research is more important than primary research – True or false?
  1. Is it appropriate to include new ideas not discussed previously in the recommendations?
  1. MLA referencing is compulsory for citation in the IA – True or false?
  1. Candidates can fail the IB Diploma upon confirmation of plagiarism in the IA – True or false?
  1. What is the maximum number of words for the research proposal and action plan?
  1. The research proposal should be written in present tense – True or false?
  1. The executive summary should be written in past tense – True or false?
  1. Binding of the IA is required as part of the presentation of the IA – True or false?
  1. What percentage of the final BM exam does the HL IA account for?
  1. A student claims in the RP to have 55 questionnaires – do these have to be shown to the teacher?
  1. The moderator will read and check the Appendices – True or false?
  1. If an interview is conducted in Chinese (or any other foreign language) does this need to be translated?
  1. Do students need page numbering when cross referencing with footnotes?
  1. The methodology in the RP is ‘planned research’ whereas the methodology in the Written Report is the ‘actual research’ conducted – True or false?
  1. The conclusion should acknowledge any unanswered questions – True or false?
  1. Recommendations should be prioritized (ranked) – True or false?

  1. Can students introduce anything new in the conclusion?
  1. What is the total word count for the entire IA (excluding cover sheet, bibliography and appendices)?
  1. Do images (if used) need to be sourced/referenced?
  1. Is the following acceptable for referencing in the bibliography: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13008839?

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