How well do you know the BM course?

IB Business Management Quiz

How much do you know about the new Business Management course? Take this short quiz to find out. Watch out for some of the trick questions! You can use any resource at your disposal to help answer these questions.

  1. Name the 5 leadership styles in the new Guide.
  1. Is the topic of communication (old syllabus Unit 2.3) featured in the new BM course?
  1. How many topics (units) are there in the new BM course? How many of these are HL only?
  1. Name the five motivation theories in the new syllabus.
  1. Does the migration of people for work feature in the new syllabus?
  1. What are the six concepts used to deliver the new BM course (Hint: think CUEGIS)?
  1. Is the supply chain process taught in the new syllabus?
  1. In Section C of the SL Paper 2, how many marks are allocated to each question?
  1. What does Section C of Paper 2 assess?
  1. Is there any reference to PEST analysis in the new Guide?
  1. Are cooperatives as a form of business organization in the new syllabus?
  1. Is the Ansoff Matrix still part of the syllabus?
  1. Do SL students need to learn about the extended marketing mix (people, process and physical environment?
  1. How many topics are in Topic 5 (Operations Management)? How many of these do SL students need to know?
  1. What is the weighting of the Paper 1 exam for both SL and HL exams?
  1. What is the length of time of the Paper 1 HL exam? And the P1 SL exam?
  1. Research Skills are one of the new Approaches to Learning (ATL). What are the three opportunities stated in the Guide, page 15, for students to use research skills for assessment?
  1. What does Assessment Objective 4 (AO4) require students to be able to do?
  1. Which Assessment Objective features the command term “Analyse”?
  1. What is Criterion E in the assessment criteria for the conceptual essay?
  1. Do SL students need to know about depreciation in Unit 3.4 (Final accounts)?
  1. Which command term was removed from the 3rd reprint of the new BM syllabus in Nov 2015? (Hint: refer to the Coordinators Notes on the OCC, Feb 2016, page 16)

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