4.5 The 4Ps - The importance of product in the marketing mix

ATL Activity 1 - The market for bottled fresh air

Read this article from the South China Morning Post about bottled fresh air from New Zealand being sold in China. The article also includes a short YouTube video about this story.

Matt Haig, author of Brand Failures, claims that there is only a 1 in 10 chance of a product becoming a long-term success.

ATL Activity 2 - The market for football boots

Adidas is the world's leading football (soccer) brand. The German sports group has extended its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup until 2030. With a partner, discuss the main factors that affect the high demand for Adidas football boots (soccer boots) - try to come up with at least five factors.

Possible interrelated factors could include:

  • Higher real disposable incomes in Germany and other economies
  • A high degree of customer / brand loyalty for Adidas products
  • Improved and more effective advertising campaigns used by Adidas to attract more consumers, including its sponsorship agreement with the FIFA World Cup until (at least) 2030
  • A fall in the price of related products, such as football socks, shin pads, football jerseys (shirts), football shorts, etc.
  • An increase in the price of substitutes products / brands, such as football shoes made by Nike, Puma and Mizuno
  • An increase in the size of the population / size of the market for football boots, including the expansion of Adidas in overseas markets
  • More schools and local social (community) clubs offering football as a sporting activity, including the organization of local sports competitions
  • Expectations from consumers about prices in the future, perhaps due to a major upcoming sports event, such as the FIFA World Cup or the Olympic Games.

Read more about the (sponsorship) partnership between Adidas and the FIFA World Cup here.

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