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Updates and Notices

Please note all monthly updates and notifications have moved to the Blogs section on this website.

What's new on InThinking Business Management?

One of the major advantages of using InThinking Business Management as a web-based resource is the dynamic nature of the online platform. The site was officially launched in October 2020, and now has content in excess of 541,000 words (that's about 135 Extended Essays!)

Whilst there is a significant volume of content on this site, with more resources added each week, it can be challenging to navigate everything. Subscribers do get regular updates and notices and the 'What's New?' section on the homepage gives notifications of new pages as they are added. However, I hope this particular page (which you may want to bookmark) will provide easy access to the archive of updates and notices to the continually growing website.

At the time of writing, we now have 776 teachers and 2,847 students using InThinking Business Management, across these 85 different nations. The average user spends 3 hour 5 mins on the website. Thank you for your going support; it is highly appreciated. Don't forget, you can set up Student Access to enable your own students to have free access to the website, as well as setting tasks, quizzes, and assessments (most of which are self-marked and go into your Mark Book).
With best wishes to you and your students.


July 2021

Following from the "Keys for success in the Extended Essay" workshops in June, I've updated the top tips for interpreting the assessment criteria here. We will be offering these workshops again in the new academic year.

A new video documentary for Unit 5.5 (HL), with accompany Q&A tasks, have been added here.
With the G7 Summit a few weeks ago that focused on climate change, sustainability is a hot topic (pardon the pun). A new exam question (Samsung) has been added to Unit 5.1, along with new ATL Activities. Please take a look here.
A large number of MCQ questions has been added to Units 1.1 - 1.7. Your students can access these via the homepage of each section of Unit 1. Don't forget, you can set these quizzes for your classes and have the auto-marked results added to your digital Mark Book. Please contact mail@inthinking.net if you need technical support with this. Additional MCQ quizzes for the remaining units of the syllabus will be added over the next month or two.
Another smart quiz (self-marked) has been added to Unit 3.1 (sources of finance) - please take a look here.
Finally, for those looking to use a bit of TOK in their lessons, consider whether Cristiano Ronaldo really did cause Coca-Cola to "lose" $4 billion on 14th June during Portugal's pre-match press conference at Euro 2020. What does it even mean to "lose" $4bn? Find out more here.
Having been launched in October 2020, the site continues to grow with content now in excess of 540,000 words (that's about 135 Extended Essays!) At the time of writing, there are 776 teachers and 2,847 students across 85 countries using InThinking Business Management. Many thanks for your continued support.
For further updates, please take a look here - https://www.thinkib.net/businessmanagement/last-updates
With best wishes.
June 2021
As the academic year for May centres reaches a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every subscriber for their ongoing support during the past academic year since InThinking Business Management was set up.
There are some updates on this webpage for Unit 4.1 that looks at market size - what better than a real-world example of the growth in the number of candidates that have taken DP Business Management since 2005. In percentage terms, what do you think has been the growth rate in the market for students taking DP BM? Please take a look here to see how close you are to the actual figure.
Also, take a look at the above page to see the world’s top 10 global brands (2020) as measured by Interbrand. I was rather surprised not to see Facebook in the top 10 this year.
I came across an interesting article in Forbes about the phenomenal growth in the wigs and hair extensions industry and the large increase in the number of female venture capitalists, so have used this as a stimulus for an exam practice question in Unit 3.1 here.
Note that whilst the CUEGIS essay has been removed for M21 - N22 exams, the core concepts are still an integral part of the DP BM course. In Unit 2.6 (HL), for example, innovation, ethics and culture are explicitly mentioned in the Guide. An updated crossword for this unit has been added here.
Many DP1 students are about to embark on end-of-year / mock exams. A common misconception is that there is a formulae "booklet" that they can use to help them with quantitative aspects of the course. For whatever reason, there are actually far more formulae in the course than are included in the actual formulae sheet in the final exams. Get your students to practise their quantitative techniques, and take a look here for examples of quantitative techniques / terms from the IB syllabus that are not included in the formulae sheet.
The exam tips page has been updated in time for schools hosting end of year assessment to include top tips on demonstrating application skills as well as advice for writing good conclusions for the extended response questions. To access this, click the link here.
Finally, please note the following three virtual workshops that may be of interest to you and/or your colleagues:
  1. Keys to Success: the Extended Essay in DP Business Management, 10 June 2021

  2. Crash Course: Business Management for New DP Teachers, 15 - 16 June 2021

  3. Business management IB DP Category 1 Online (IB Approved), 20 - 22 August 2021

Details of these workshops can be found here: https://www.inthinking.net/seminars
Updates and notices will continue in July and August for November centres.
For those working in May centres, please allow me to wish you and your students a well-earned summer vacation!
With best wishes.
May 2021
It's already May(!) and by now students following the exam-route will have already completely their P1 and P2 examinations. I wish them all the very best, especially given the extremely challenging two years they have had with the global pandemic and distance learning. Challenges continue for our DP1 students though, so I hope these updates help them in their studies.
It is Extended Essay Season for many schools and students. Advice on formulating topics and research questions for the Extended Essay, including a new poster "Five steps to developIng an EE research questIon" that you can share with your students by clicking the link here.
After considering the request from several subscribers, I have created an EE Checklist for students, which you can find here.
Please encourage your EE students to use this prior to their first and final submission of the essay.
A new review quiz has been added to Unit 3.1 (external sources of finance) by using the link here. You can add/set up this page as a reading task and assign the quiz as an assessed piece of work. It is automatically graded, and the results go into your InThinking Mark Book. If you are not sure how to set this up, please contact mail@inthinking.net for technical assistance.
A new case study (Indra Nooyi) has been added to Unit 2.5, providing a detailed real-world example of how an individual (Nooyi) can influence corporate culture (PepsiCo. in this case). You can access this via the link here.
Watch this short documentary about Costco's rather unique business model. An accompanying set of questions have been included for your students to address whilst watching this documentary for Unit 4.8 (e-commerce) by using the link here.
A new exam practice question for Unit 4.3 Sales forecasting (HL only) - The benefits and limitations of sales forecasting (AO3) - has been added here.
Finally, please note that you can activate Student Access for your students free of charge. At the time of writing, there are 219 schools that have done so already.
Wishing you all the best for the month ahead.

April 2021

A new Paper 2 Exam Practice Question, called Glori Fried Chicken, has been added (this time for Section A), testing the balance sheet. The resource has been created and shared by Dr. Rima Puri. To see the exam paper and mark scheme, click the link here.

For Paper 1 (Multi Marketing), I've teamed up with Tahmidul Haq Ansari and Tim  Hodgden to create these Paper 1 mock exams and full mark schemes to help students prepare for their upcoming exam. To access the full Paper 1 from Tahmid, click the link here. To access the Section B mock exam from Tim, click the link here for the Finance paper and here for the HRM paper. Many thanks to both Tahmid and Tim for their creativity and generosity in creating and sharing these excellent resources.

For those teaching or reviewing Unit 2.4 Motivation theory, my talented IBEN colleague Tahmidul Haq Ansari has created some excellent posters that you can use with your students for revision purposes. Please see Tahmid's posters here.

Jason Chin, a highly experienced colleague from Hong Kong, has kindly contributed an EE article that provides top tips regarding reflections in the extended essay. To access this, click the link here.

A new case study for Unit 4.5 about the Boston Matrix, focusing on The Walt Disney Company, has been added. It covers the product portfolio of the world's largest entertainment company and includes an infographic that your students might like. To access this, click the link here.

There is a new case study and ATL Activity about the heroics of the staff at the Taj Palace Hotel in 2008 and its relevance and importance to contingency planning and crisis management for Unit 5.7. To access this, click the link here.

A new Paper 2 exam practice question has been added to the Exams section of the webpage, in recognition of International Women's Day on 8th March. I am grateful for my IBEN colleague Dr. Rima Puri for creating this. I will be adding the mark scheme for this shortly. The case study focuses on Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a former Miss World, and a highly successful singer, actress and entrepreneur . To access this resource, click the link here.

March 2021

It's March already!

We now have IB World Schools across 79 countries using InThinking Business Management. Thank you for your continued support.

Almost all of the updates during the past month have been based on supporting teachers preparing students for the May 2021 Paper 1 exam (Multi Marketing). There are new (virtual or physical) classroom activities and ideas that have been added to the website. I have uploaded a mock exam paper, which will include a mark scheme soon. Please keep an eye of this webpage as it is updated several times a week: https://www.thinkib.net/businessmanagement/page/37729/may-2021-(multi-marketing). This part of the InThinking Business Management website has been the most popular during the past 14 days, understandably, with an average of 592 views a day.

Other updates include:

  • Paper 2 exam practice questions and mark schemes. This section of the website does not have Student Access enabled. To access the questions and mark schemes, click the link here.
  • Additional notes for Unit 3.5 (liquidity ratios). To access these, click the link here.
  • Additional notes for Unit 4.5 (changing technology & promotional strategies), which is also appropriate for the Paper 1 Multi Marketing case study. To access this, click the link here.
  • Additional notes and video recap on constructing break-even charts in Unit 3.3. To access these resources, click the link here.
  • Numerous members have also asked for clarity about the need to teach/discuss concepts, now that the IB has confirmed the CUEGIS essay has also been removed from the M22 and N22 exams. The short answer is "yes" as CBL is an integral aspect of IB pedagogy, and the six concepts are also part of the actual syllabus (content wise). For example, updates have been made to this part of the website for Unit 2.6 (HR strategies for reducing the impact of change & resistance to change), covering change as a concept. To access this resource, click the link here. Note that this also has direct relevance to the Paper 1 Multi Marketing case study.

Finally, I'm pleased to say that the InThinking Business Management website is now in excess of 487,000 words (which is about 10,000 words more than the average InThinking subject website). This means updates and notifications will now be communicated on a monthly basis, at the start of each month. However, you can also see the alerts live by using this link https://www.thinkib.net/businessmanagement/last-updates at any time.

As always, do get in touch if there is anything I can help with: paulhoang88@gmail.com

With best wishes for the month ahead.

February 2021

During the recent InThinking IB Cat 2 Workshops (12 - 14 Feb 2021), I shared the latest candidate numbers with workshop participants. For BM teachers, you'll be delighted to know that Business Management has, for the first time, overtaken Economics in popularity in the IB World. If you teach Economics as well as BM, then you'll be very pleased with the overall growth in both subjects. IB Economics has grown by 303% since 2005 (a higher rate than the increase in IB DP candidate numbers), whilst IB Business Management has increased by a phenomenal 550% in the same time period.

New ATL activities and questions have been added to the Paper 1 Multi Marketing case study webpage, including PEST and SWOT analysis activities, as well as additional exam practice questions. There are 11 ATL Activities that your students can use to engage in the case study. I've also included a new CUEGIS Quiz for the case study. Click the link here to access these resources.

On a separate but related note, as many of you have asked about this recently, I'm pleased to announce that L7E are now dispatching the latest Case Study Pack for the Multi Marketing Paper 1 exam (on 30th April 2021). Despite the SL and HL Paper 1 exams being shorter this May, this year's Case Study Pack is the most comprehensive yet, at over 180 pages. Please visit the publisher's website (www.level7education.com) for further details and sample pages.

A new exam practice question has been added to Unit 5.7 "London in Lockdown". Click the link here. There are several case studies on the website that you can use for teaching this difficult component of the syllabus, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Numerous teachers have recently asked about resources and ideas for CAS and BM. There are suggestions on this part of the website - click the link here to access these. I have also included a poster "Can it be CAS?" with the permission of Hodder Education to share this on the website.

For those teaching Unit 2.1 and/or reviewing this section of the syllabus in the context of the Multi Marketing case study, I have added a new exam practice question based on Marks & Spencer (M&S). Click the link here to access the resource.

As many schools are in the process of completing the Internal Assessments in preparation for uploading on IBIS, please remind students of the absolute need for academic honesty in their assessments. Click the link here for guidance on academic integrity in the HL IA, and the link here for the SL IA.

If your students are looking for some inspiration for tools, theories and techniques beyond the IB BM syllabus for their EE, please direct them to this webpage of the site, which now has more than 10,500 words of content to help them. Click the link here.

It will also be important for students to have a 'toolkit' for the new syllabus, for first teaching in Aug/Sept 2022 (first exams in 2024).

I've also added some timely advice from IB alumnus, teacher and examiner, Kenneth Tang, about making the best of case studies - useful for Paper 1 and Paper 2 case studies. Read his top tips on how best to read case studies, like Sherlock Holmes, here.

As you know, the pre-release of the Paper 1 case study was released last week for the examination on 30th April. I have added several new activities to the Multi Marketing Paper 1 (May 2021) webpage here.

You may find it useful to bookmark this page, as more resources and ideas will be shared here.
These include a True or False Quiz, advice on key terms (definitions), and a "5,4,3,2,1 Quiz" that you can use with students in class or online. For a challenge, how about you have a go at these quizzes yourself, before using the quizzes with your own students?

I have also added an excellent PowerPoint resource produced by Gema Quintanilla. Gema is the Senior School House System Coordinator at Munich International School. She also teaches MYP Spanish and DP Business Management. Many thanks to Gema for reaching out and allowing me to share this resource on InThinking Business Management. To see Gema's resource, click the link here.

You will be aware of the changes to the timings, marks, and weights for upcoming IB Business Management exams (30th April and 3rd May). However, the IB documentation for this is split across three separate documents/updates, so I have put this into one simple document that you can access via the Multi Marketing homepage on the website (see link above). I hope you find this useful. The information can be accessed here.

For those teaching/reviewing Unit 4.7 (International Marketing), I have added some new case studies and notes, including one about BMW's terrible marketing mistake in the UAE. The role of cultural differences in international marketing is also of direct relevance to the Paper 1 Multi Marketing case study.

A new Exam Practice Question (L’Oreal and The Body Shop) has been added to Unit 1.6, with mark scheme. To access this, click the link here.

A revised version of the "ATL Activity 3 - Leadership quotes and their meanings", with additional quotes, has been update here. This is a good activity to get class discussions going; if your students are learning remotely and you are using Zoom, you can use the "breakout" function to get students in smaller groups to discuss these quotes.

Additional Exam Practice Questions have been added to Unit 3.2 to give students more practice on this section of the syllabus that often causes problems. Click the link here.

As a starting activity for Unit 5.4, get your students to have a go at the Location Nicknames Quiz - available here. You can also download a PDF version for use in the classroom.

Also, for Unit 5.5 (HL only), a new Exam Practice Question has been added. This one is about Carrefour's supply chain management. Click the link here.

For students completing their RPPF, direct them to this page where my esteemed IBEN colleague Dr. Rima Puri provides here Top 10 Tips on completing the RPPF (worth more than 17% of the final marks for the Extended Essay). To access the advice, click the link here.

For some variety to distance learning activities, let your students have a go at this new MCQ quiz with a difference to test their general business knowledge. There is a PDF version that you can download and use too. Perhaps you can also have a go at this quiz to see if you know which entrepreneur was the son of a Syrian immigrant in the USA, which business is the world's largest wheel maker, and which online business thrived during the coronavirus pandemic, declaring earnings in excess of $2,850,000 per hour throughout 2020. To access the quiz, click the link here.

January 2021
A number of subscribers have asked about additional resources for the BM course. Please see the updated suggestions on the Resources page on the website by clicking the link here. As you may know, IBID Press launched a new comprehensive PowerPoint resource pack (consisting of 45 files) for the IB BM course, earlier this month. If you haven't already done so, please contact Jodie Henry at IBID Press (jodie@ibid.com.au) to get a complimentary copy of the PowerPoint file for Unit 1.7 Organizational planning tools (HL only). This will be useful for helping your HL students with their Internal Assessment.

IBID Press PowerPoint Resource Pack - product details

  • Complements the best-selling 4th edition IBID Press textbook for IB Business Management, by Paul Hoang
  • Fully animated PowerPoint resource pack that covers all assessment objectives in the IB BM syllabus
  • Produced by Paul Hoang and Vivien Jack
  • Teacher notes for TOK questions
  • Embedded YouTube videos, with teachers’ notes
  • QR codes with hyperlinks to additional articles / case studies
  • CUEGIS links to all units in the syllabus
  • Review tasks referenced to IBID Press Business Management Workbook
  • Updated case studies and additional questions and activities included (with answers)
  • 45 PowerPoint files, comprising of 1,720 slides in total that cover the entire IB Business Management syllabus
  • 135 classroom activities and tasks, with updated case studies
  • 150 embedded YouTube videos, with teachers’ notes
  • 80 TOK questions, with teachers’ guidance notes
  • Animated graphs/charts to engage students
  • Internal Assessment advice (SL and HL)
  • Extended Essay advice
  • CUEGIS links to all units in the syllabus
  • Licensed and password protected files
  • ISBN 9781876659295
  • Launches on 21st January 2021
  • www.ibid.com.au/business-management/
There is little doubt that 2020 was a bad year for most businesses - but not all. As a started question for your students studying Unit 3.2 (revenue streams), ask if they know which online company reported revenues of $25 billion during 2020? That's more than $2.85 million per hour throughout the year of the coronavirus pandemic. Find out by clicking the link here
With IAs and EEs being finalised soon for M21 candidates, ready for uploading on IBIS, it is important that students use citation and referencing correctly. Make sure your students know how to cite and reference properly by reading the advice here.
Download a new crossword puzzle for Unit 2.3 (management and leadership) to use with your students by clicking the link here.

If your students are revising Unit 1.2, direct them to the new Exam Practice Question Flowers by Cam which has been added here.

If you're after a concise resource to introduce concept based learning (the CUEGIS concepts), then take a look here.
There is a PDF version that you can share with your colleagues and students.
Note: Although the CUEGIS essays will not feature in the M21 and N21 exams, they are still an integral component of IB teaching and learning pedagogy. The CUEGIS essays will be back for the M22, N22, M23 and N23 examinations.
With exam season looming, I have added some top tips shared by an IB alumnus who provides his tips on getting a Level 7 in IB Business Management. Read Mohit Chainani's top tips here.

As a reminder, if any of your colleagues need upskilling CPD, there will be an IB-approved Category 2 BM virtual workshop from, 12-14 Feb. Details are here if interested.

Several case studies and examples of guerrilla marketing have been added to Unit 4.5, including VW’s guerrilla marketing campaign called “The Fast Lane”, which engaged commuters and the general public in a fun way as part of the German carmaker's promotional campaign for its Golf GTI. Found out more here.

My IBEN colleague, Edward Creighton, has shared his Top 10 Tips for completing a Business Management extended essay. You can read his 2,100+ word article here. Do enable Student Access for your students so they can read Edward's useful advice too.
An important issue related to all aspects of assessments, including the EE, is academic integrity. Do your students know what is/not included in the word count limit for the EE? Do they know what needs to be cited and referenced (C&R), and what does not require this? Do they know what the IB says about the requirement of C&R in the EE? As all EEs are checked by the IB for potential academic malpractice, it is vital that your students understand the importance and rules of academic integrity. Read the updates and find out more here.
Updates have also been made to the Theory of Knowledge & BM webpage, including the new Subject Brief for the new TOK course (first exams 2022). Find out more here.
It's not always easy to make TOK connections with certain topics in Business Management, such as the Cost to make vs. Cost to buy in Unit 5.5. We all "know" what Volkswagen makes, but do you know whether it is true that VW also manufactures sausages? Find out more here.
On the topic of TOK and knowing what businesses do, we all know what KFC's main product is; but have you heard about all the hype of its new games console (branded as the "KFConsole")? Both the BBC and Forbes have reported that KFC's games console is "real" - but how do we really know? Or is it simply a marketing gimmick? Find out more here.
Another great video documentary for Unit 4.5 has been added, examining Amazon's distribution channels and how it manages its one-day delivery service to Amazon Prime customers. There are 25 accompanying Q&As for the video here that you can use with students in class (if you're fortunate enough) or as part of their distance learning. Find out more here.
For those working with students on a Business Management extended essay, I have written a 1,700-word article aimed at students to guide them through the process. Students have direct access to this page on the website, but you may want to bring this to their attention. Find out more here.
I also have a colleague (who is an EE examiner and EE Coordinator) working on a "Top 10 Tips for the BM EE" which will be added to the website shortly, so watch this space.
Also, for the Extended Essay (and applicable for the Internal Assessments), feel free to share the Academic Honesty posters that have been added to the website. These have been shared with the kind permission of Hodder Education. Find out more here.
For those yet to introduce the CUEGIS concepts, or wishing to revisit this in your practice, please take a look at the updated page here.

You can also download a PDF version of the advice, which originally appeared in IB Review. Many thanks for Edward Creighton - one of our subscribers - and Hodder Education for their permission to reproduce this work on InThinking Business Management. Edward Creighton is Head of Department and Extended Essay Coordinator at a highly reputable school in China. He is also author of the "Unit 2: Human Resource Management 50 Worksheets Pack", available from L7E (www.level7education.com)

Finally, if you or any of your colleagues are interested in some upskilling training, I will be running a Category 2 Virtual (live) workshop from 12th - 14th Feb 2021. The event is being hosted by InThinking in cooperation with the IB, but this C2 workshop is a fully-endorsed IB Workshop. Details of the workshop can be found at the IB website here: https://bit.ly/3njeh9L
Registration details and the IB-approved agenda for the workshop can be found here.

December 2020

If you are preparing a mock exam for your students, you might find this new exam practice question and mark scheme really useful. It'll save you hours of work. The case study and mark scheme has been created by my wonderful IBEN colleague, Dr. Rima Puri. She is a highly experienced IB educator and author, as well as a senior examiner. Her generosity is very much appreciated. Read more here.

You can also find two other exam practice questions plus mark schemes in the Teachers Only section of the website here. More Q&A will be added throughout 2021 to support teachers and students.

I've finally managed to get one of my own student's SL IAs onto the website (all permissions sought and granted). It has been anonymised, with my comments added to each section of the written commentary. I hope this helps teachers, especially those relatively new to the IB, as they embark on their own SL IA with their students. Find out more here. This particular student was awarded a grade 7 for the IA, and 44 points overall in her IB Diploma.

On a different but related note, some of you have asked about the upcoming IBID Press PowerPoint Pack for Business Management. IBID Press has been exhibiting this new resource during the IB Virtual Conference 2020, which came to a close on Friday. If you would like a complimentary PowerPoint file (for Unit 1.7, to help with the HL IAs in particular), then please email the publisher directly: jodie@ibid.com.au

A really fascinating story that I heard about recently was the business operations at London Zoo - a place that I intended to take my own children to visit, but couldn't due to the national lockdown. With fixed costs of over $1.344 million per month, and 19,000+ animals to feed, how on earth can such a non-profit organization survive during 3 months of lockdown? I've used this as a case study and created some exam practice questions for Unit 3.1. Read more about it here.

Do you know your ATLs from your ATTs? Newly added is the “Glossary of IB terms” - although this section of the website is aimed at supporting new colleagues to the IB, this reference point can be useful for all IB teachers as part of their own professional learning and development. Read more about this here.

As requested by one subscriber working with her students on the SL IA, I have added a list of tools, theories and techniques to the website, as well as answering that old chestnut of a question - "can/should SL students use tools, theories and techniques from the HL syllabus and/or those beyond the IB syllabus?" The information can be found here. Find out more here.

The mock (trial) exam season is approaching for many schools. The most significant addition to the website this week is the “exam questions topic tracker” to help your planning of the mock exams (rather like Question Bank). You can access the HL exam questions topic tracker here. As you'll see, certain topics such as decision trees have been very popular! I have also included a PDF version that you can share with your students.The SL topic tracker will be completed and added to the website before the end of the week. You'll be able to see just how popular Unit 3.3 (break-even analysis) and Unit 4.5 (the marketing mix) have been in the SL exams!

November 2020
Many students struggle with the financial aspects of the course, such as ratio analysis ( Units 3.5 and Unit 3.6). Additional exam practice questions have been added to the Profitability and Liquidity Ratios section of the website, with full mark schemes included here.
Several subscribers have requested help with TOK. How about trying out this ATL Activity here with your students about pricing strategies (Unit 4.5), which don't necessarily fit the textbook or syllabus definitions?
Another updated example to help you integrate TOK into your lessons is this ATL Activity on the ethics of pricing and promotional tactics used by some firms. There are plenty of other TOK questions / activities throughout the website too.
For those teaching or reviewing Unit 2.2, there are six types of organizational structures stated in the syllabus (flat/horizontal, tall/vertical, hierarchical, by product, by function, and by region). Do you know which one Apple uses? Read this case study to find out, by clicking the link here.
And here are several ATL Activities added to a topic that integrates culture ( CUEGIS) and marketing, such as large multinational companies that have failed to recognise important cultural differences when marketing their products in China. Find out more here.
For those with Student Access, please inform your students that they now have direct access to all 556 key terms and definitions on the website, arranged in syllabus order. Please direct them to this page to access the full glossary by clicking the link here.
Unit 2.1 Video documentary review - Watch this 43-minutes "Undercover Boss" video documentary about Buffalo Wings & Rings in the USA. The video follows the CEO, Nader Masadeh, as he goes undercover to find out about the staff behind the Buffalo Wings & Rings franchise, with hopes of further expansion. Along the way, Nader Masadeh finds good employees but also a bully who needs to be dealt with. Find out more here.
Reflective and critical thinking skills are vital in all aspects of IB assessments, including the Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams (extended response questions), the Internal Assessments, and the Extended Essay. To read a top tip (the "ABCD" of how to develop students' critical thinking skills for AO3, click the link here.
Do your HL students know the reason/benefits regarding why a 4-point moving average is preferential to the (easier-to-calculate) 3-point moving average? Let them have a go at "Exam Practice Question 5" to assess their understanding of this (answers are provided). Find out more here.
The promotional mix can be a little tricky for students to comprehend. Using real-world examples can help. Also, encourage your students to think about the various promotional strategies in a critical way. For example, not all adverts work, and this marketing mishap from Giant (a US supermarket chain) caused a major PR disaster for the company. Find out more here.
It can be challenging for students to make connections between the many different aspects of the Business Management course, but it is important that they are provided opportunities to do so. Here is an attempt to connect market orientation and the Ansoff growth matrix, using Tesco as a case study, along with some exam practice questions. Find out more here.
Never an easy topic to teach or learn, a new exam practice question and mark scheme has been added to Unit 3.9 - Exam Practice Question 2 – Juke Coach Travel. Find out more here.
Another HL topic that often causes problems for students is Unit 5.5 Stock control. I've added a topical case study (stockpiling Andrex 100 million rolls of toilet tissues), with some exam practice questions. Find out more here.
And a third challenging topic, this time for both SL and HL - take a look at this short video case study and ATL Activity to add some inspiration  - a 17 year old who is set to make $1 million a year selling candles. Find out more here.
A new video documentary, with accompanying worksheet questions and answers, has been added to the CUEGIS pages. This one focuses on the rise of Ralph Lauren in the ever-changing fashion industry. Do you know where Ralph Lauren got the inspiration from to change his name (he wasn't called Ralph Lauren from birth) and for the infamous polo brand logo? Watch this video to find out by clicking the link here.
For many schools, it's IA season. Please see the links below for an IA Checklist that you can use with students. Click this link for the HL checklist here. Click the link for the SL checklist here.
Unit 4.1 is a huge section of the IB Business Management syllabus, but here is a topical 20-mark exam practice question (based on Pfizer's  coronavirus vaccine) for your students to attempt. There is also a full mark scheme that goes with this. Find out more here.
Finally, if you haven't already done so, please do encourage your colleagues to join the InThinking Facebook support group for IB Business Management teachers here.

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