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Sales of Zantac® suspended 29 September 2019

Zantac is one of the most widely used H2 receptor blocker antacidsA few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of taking PPIs long term, now it is H2 receptor blockers that are coming under the spotlight.... more

The danger of prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors 5 July 2019

Students studying the medicinal chemistry option need to be able to explain the three main ways in which excess stomach acid can be controlled (D.4 pH regulation of the stomach). The first way is straightforward... more

104Ku - an anachronism in a gulag 26 June 2019

I was reading an article recently on Dark Tourism which describes a visit in 2017 to Karlag, a former Soviet gulag near Karaganda in Kazakhstan. I visited this gulag two years earlier in 2015 and the... more

Reducing global warming by increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere 28 May 2019

Option C (sub-topic C.5 Environmental impact – global warming) covers the science behind global warming and relates the concentrations of different greenhouse gases in the atmosphere with their global... more

Free IB-approved online EE writing course 2 May 2019

Image from FutureLearnStudents who want to improve their Extended Essay writing skills can now register for a new free FutureLearn course. The University of Leeds in the UK has designed this online course... more

Why you should recycle your old smartphone 18 March 2019

Two geologists, Dr Arjan Dijkstra and Dr Colin Wilkins from the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute have analysed the mineral content of a typical smartphone. They ground the phone... more

Should chlorine be in group 31? 28 February 2019

The 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s periodic table has catalysed many chemists to question all the different ways in which the elements can be arranged to maximise the usefulness of the table. A good... more

Some basic household chemistry 22 February 2019

Health and Safety requirements in all schools are important and teachers and students should always consider the short-term and long-term hazards associated with chemicals in the laboratory but what about... more

Today’s Google doodle 8 February 2019

The beans in the 'G' of Google’s doodle today give the clue.A few details about a relatively unknown chemist who is celebrated by Google today. 225 years ago on 8 February 1794 Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge... more

An 1885 version of Mendeleev’s table 20 January 2019

You never know what might be lurking underneath your lecture theatre. A wallchart of the periodic table was found at St. Andrew’s University in Scotland that dates back to 1885, just 16 years after... more