Chemistry question bank now live

Wednesday 18 October 2017

Good news!

The Chemistry question bank (qBank) is now up and running on this site.

Information on how to access it can be found in Using student access. It contains brand new multiple choice type questions and also explains the correct answer to each question. It is arranged by sub-topic with each of the 53 sub-topics in the core/AHL having ten specific questions. If you prefer, you can still use the ready-made quizzes containing the ten questions which you can give your students access to on each sub-topic page in Teaching each topic & sub-topic, but with these you cannot automatically record the results.  Using the qBank you can make up your own quizzes, assign them to your students and then the results will be automatically recorded. Note that the existing Multiple choice tests for each topic (which contain completely different questions) arranged by topic and set out as in Paper 1 of the exams are still there to be used as tests in class or given out for homework.

One new feature is that I am now making quizzes (and the gallery of slides) for each of the sub-topics in the Options. So far I have completed the SL sub-topics for Option B: Biochemistry and these questions are also in quiz format in the qBank. Obviously the IB does not test the options in Paper 3 by using multiple choice questions but actually it is a quick and convenient way to check whether a student has both a good knowledge and a good understanding of the chemistry covered in each option sub-topic.

There are literally hundreds of new quiz questions. I’m sure I have made some errors and typos along the way so please let me know if you (or your students) find any – the great thing about the website is that they can be corrected immediately.


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