Update and a problem to solve

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Quiz questions and galleries for all the sub-topics of Option B : Biochemistry and Option C : Energy for both SL and HL and all the SL sub-topics for Option D : Medicinal chemistry have now been completed.  All the core and AHL sub-topics were completed some time ago. These should all be helpful for your students' revision/review programmes and I encourage you to sign your students up (if you haven’t done so already) to allow student access.

Tomorrow I am heading off to a remote area of the Indian Himalayas and will have no reliable wi-fi or internet access for the next five weeks. The site will still update weekly. Many thanks in advance to Paul Lloyd, who also runs InThinking chemistry workshops, as he has agreed to answer any questions in the ‘comments’ section while I am away.  Once I get back I’ll work to complete the quizzes and galleries for the two remaining HL sub-topics of Option D  and also complete Option A : Materials.

If you feel in need of a challenge take a few minutes to try to solve this problem which appeared on the BBC radio programme Round Britain Quiz on Saturday 27 January 2018.

An athletics ceremony, held periodically, awards medals to seventy-nine winners, forty-seven runners-up, and an indeterminate number of third places. Fifty cans of beer are available as refreshment. By this logic, how many police officers are needed to keep order?

Click on the 'eye' to see the answer.

29.  The clue  is in the word ‘periodically’. 79 is the atomic number of gold, 47 is silver and bronze has ‘an indeterminate number’ as it is an alloy, not an element. 50 is the atomic number of tin (cans) so there must be 29 ‘coppers’.


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