Publishing your students’ research

Tuesday 8 January 2019

I attended an inspiring lecture recently given by Professor Anthony Campbell. Tony is an honorary professor at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science at Cardiff University in the UK. He is renowned for his work on bioluminescence and developed its use as a marker to locate and identify cancer cells and to measure accurately many different types of biological processes .

Together with his wife, Dr. Stephanie Matthews, he has set up The Darwin Centre in west Wales. He aims to excite school students about science and natural history and has written a paper which is well worth sharing with your students called “Curiosity inspires, discovery reveals”.

One of the things that he is particularly keen to encourage is student research and he publishes each year an international scientific journal of student research called The Young Darwinian. He would welcome contributions from students worldwide. So, if one of your students produces a particularly good extended essay you can use it as the basis of a scientific paper and submit the paper for possible publication in the journal. Details of how to do this can be found on The Young Darwinian website.


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