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Honestly speaking, this website is a "life-saver". It is one of the most useful and practical websites I have ever used for Chemistry. Huge thank you to your effort in putting together so many small pieces to produce such a holistic and great resource for teachers and students.

Lound Syed, Shanghai United International, China

The resources available for both teachers and students on this website are remarkable. They are organized, user-friendly and topical. My student feedback was that they found all the material worthwhile and appreciated the access. I was evident to me that those who made use of this resource improved their overall skills and performance. The return on this investment is well worth it. I highly recommend subscribing. You'll be glad you did..

Veronica Riffle, International School of Prague, s.r.o., Czech Republic

This is my go to resource for teaching IB HL Chemistry. I have been teaching for the past 19 years and I can say this is by far the best resource that I have ever taught with. The website taught me how to efficiently teach with the most clarity. My IB scores have drastically gone up since I began to use this invaluable resource. I am proud to say that I use this even in my American Advanced Placement Classes.

Neil Corrigan, St Edward High School, USA

The InThinking Chemistry website by Geoffrey Neuss is a valuable resource. The presentations are useful and supplement my course textbook by giving students tasks throughout to check their understanding. The topic introductions provide points of interest for my more able students and provide information on common misconceptions of students (and teachers). The practice questions are a little more challenging than my course textbook, providing my students with more confidence when tackling the textbook questi

Nick Pinkerton, Tamagawa Academy K-12 & University, Japan

InThinking has proved to be a great boon for me, as a teacher and my students. The simplification of language, do's and dont's, worksheets with superb questions: appropraite videos/slides; exhaustive guidance on IA as well as EE... you name it !!! Thanks a billion.

Shalini Sharma, Good Shepherd International School, India

You are doing a wonderful job by helping IB teachers to have materials which helps them prepare their lessons, especially with the new syllabus for 2016 exams. I cherish the way each topic gives a presentation which helps the teacher to arouse the interest of the learners before moving into the main.

Chidiebere Obi Machabeng College, International School of Lesotho, Lesotho

Easy, user friendly site that enables the teachers to easily access to a wealth of materials, questions, TOK, nature of science and exam uestions.

Robert Macbeth, Institut Montana Zugerberg, Switzerland

This is an outstanding resource well worth the cost. It is my go to source of information about core syllabus and IA's. I can't see myself managing without it as I have found it enormously useful and informative. You will find everything here from notes on teaching the syllabus to changes that have been made to the old syllabus. It also covers both old and new syllabus separately and has detailed instructions and teacher notes on all the investigative labs. I highly recommend this to old and new teachers of

Lloyd Gravett, Carmel School, China

The InThinking Chemistry Website will be of value to any IB Chemistry teacher. The website is packed full of resources including worksheets and topic tests with answers. The comments about teaching each topic and experimental work are helpful.

Toby Dowling, North London Collegiate School, UK

This is an excellent resource for IB chemistry teachers, it is easy to use and navigate your way through.

Sarah Al-Benna, Heidelberg International School, Germany

When in doubt I check InThinking, the only website that I turn to and I am sure to find a reliable answer. I use it almost everyday during preparation, delivery and assessment phase of any chapter. The best, most reliable resource that one could use in an IB Chemistry class.

Mirna Raslan, Wellspring Learning Community, Lebanon

Great resourses and teaching tips. I swear by this site

Katie Woodcock, Sir James Henderson School, Italy

This is a valuable resource for the teaching of IB chemistry.

Carla Grilli, St. Leonard’s School, UK

Hi fellow chemistry teachers. Iam leaving IB this year but ABSOLUTELY recommend that you lobby your coordinators and administrators to get access to this site. It is something I wish i had done/been aware of and done YEARS ago. Geoff makes things easily accessible and the materials shared are 1st class. I am using the stuff here to prep my existing IB2s (for their exams) and my IB1s (for the new syllabus). You/and your school will not regret this move.

Jeff Hinton, Greengate School, Mexico

As we begin a new syllabus in Chemistry, this website has been a place to gain insight and to share ideas. This website guides my planning and delivery of lessons. The links to TOK and the learner profile suggestions help me make meaningful connections to the context of chemistry in real-life and in the classroom.

Melanie Kells, Canadian International School, India

This has been a survival guide and good inspiration for lessons.

Magdalena Tsavkova, Vienna International School, Austria

This website has been a life saver for ideas on practical work, how to cover the course and what to focus on. More importantly it's my go to for administrative information on all the nitty-gritty rules and regulations of the IB. Oh! And we even used it to help us design our new school science labs. Keep it up!

Menchu Sol, International School of Manila, Philippines

This is my first year of full-time teaching, and I would not have survived so far without the vast pool of resources available on the InThinking Chemistry site. From teacher prep notes to lab suggestions to last-minute homework assignments to understandings of the Diploma Programme in general, I have gleefully used everything I can find here, and I plan to renew my subscription yearly. I wholeheartedly recommend this resource to every IB Chem teacher I meet.

Rebecca Weber, International Academy of Macomb, USA

The InThinking Chemistry website has been a great resource to have. The multiple choice tests have been invaluable in diagnostic marking and the guides to each subtopic, along with their discussions of common pitfalls, have helped to guide and improve my teaching and improve overall pupil learning.

Richard Young, British International School of Cairo, Egypt

Great resource for ideas, lesson plans, examples and directions to take - especially for first time IB teachers.

Anne Lavelle, St. Edward High School, USA

Wish I had subscribed to this site years ago. Great materials, examples and explanations. Definitely worth it!

Jeff Hinton, Greengates School, Mexico

InThinking is a great organisation. I got my first category training with them and it was one extremely useful to my teaching. In addition, the website is highly in line with the training and the IB curriculum and also very helpful. It is such a blessing to have such a resource.

Dina Sonbol, American International School in Egypt, Egypt

As the solo chemistry teacher at an international school, introducing the IB, this site literally "saved my skin" -never felt alone and a wonderful resource. Highly recommended

Robert Nolan, Internationale Friedensschule Köln, Germany

Your site is very helpful, I use the resources and ideas a lot. The discussions on philosophy and how to teach some concepts are great as I have only one chemistry colleague and he is in his first year.

Lynda Keer-Keer, Alcanta International College, China