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New post 15 July 2021

textEven though the Covid19 vaccines mean people who take them have a very good chance of avoiding a serious illness from the virus some people are still reluctant to be vaccinated. The US Centre for... more

The Spirit of Green - developing an economic strategy to combat climate change 21 June 2021

textThe Economist William Nordhaus is a Professor of Economics at Yale University has made his name using economic models to consider the implications and the strategies used to tackle climate change.... more

The ECB keeps printing money as German inflation soars 12 June 2021

Transferring taxpayer cash from Germany to southern Europe under the EU Recovery Fund is controversial and could prove politically toxic. The European Central Bank is heading for a major political showdown... more

G7 agree a minimum corporation tax rate on multinationals 6 June 2021

An international agreement to discuss with a classtextOn Saturday 5 June the G7 leading industrial nations (US, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Italy Japan, and the EU) have just signed a landmark agreement... more

Bank of England's hawk battles the doves over inflation threat 1 June 2021

The economy is roaring back to life, but the risk of skyrocketing prices has policymakers debating when to hit the brakesThe first thing many of us did when lockdown lifted was to stumble, blinking, out... more

Edge of Chaos - Dambisa Moyo 23 May 2021

textZambian born economist, Dambias Moyo started out with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, and went on to do an MBA at the American University in Washington DC, an MPA at Harvard University and a... more

UK proposes customs checks for food heading to Northern Ireland to ease Brexit tensions 17 May 2021

Britain has told Brussels it is prepared to introduce new customs checks on UK food products crossing the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland in four stages from October. The UK offer comes after the Government... more

A disappointing US jobs report - The problems of using fiscal policy 9 May 2021

textLast week's US jobs report (the number jobs created by the US economy in April) made interesting reading. This is one bit of data that can be used to judge the health of the American economy and the... more

A possible answer to feeding the world's growing population? 16 August 2018

With the world's population expected to grow to 9.8 billion by 2050, the Dutch firm of Beladon has devised an innovative solution designed to satisfy the increasing demand for healthy food, fast-growing... more