Recommended reading

Recommended reading

One of the common questions from new IB teachers is what books do I recommend for the school library? The simple answer to this is to fill the library with books that students want to read.  Planning your library list for students who might do an extended essay may result in many books that no one ever reads. Below is a list of some of the books and journals that I would recommend, but you may find that your students might suggest their own titles which you can add to your collection.

Magazines and newspapers

The following texts provide a good resource for the IB economics student looking to broaden their knowledge and interest in the subject.

The following journals are all available free on the Internet, though some come with certain restrictions for free subscribers. 


This UK magazine provides insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology.  Subscribers can also receive daily updates on assigned topics to their mobile phone.  The Economist provides a balanced perspective on topical news events.

Guardian newspaper

This UK based newspaper is particularly good for articles on International economics and offers comment and analysis from some of the world's leading liberal voices. 

New York times

This New York based newspaper claims to be the place where the world goes for the facts.  The newspaper has a worldwide influence and readership and provides a combination of news, comment and opinion.


This independent news site provides up to date news from around the world in markets, business and politics.  This is an excellent source for articles on Development economics.

Times newspaper (UK)

This UK based newspaper compliments the Guardian well, offering a slightly Right of centre perspective and is a strong supporter of open borders and free trade.  It has long been recognised as one of the world’s greatest newspapers.

Washington Post

This is the largest newspaper in the US capital and provides an excellent source for in-depth political opinion and is particularly strong on political and economic issues relating to the US.  

Times of India

One of Asia's most popular newspapers provides current affairs news and articles, with a strong Asian focus but also covers news stories from a round the world.  This newspaper is available as an app which can be downloaded onto a mobile telephone.

Recommended IB Books (new curriculum)

Economics for the IB Diploma – Cambridge University Press by Ellie Tragakes

This Cambridge text has been updated for the new curriculum. Written by the Chief Examiner for IB Economics between 2007-2009 the book is the most academic rigorous of the new textbooks and includes excellent evaluations of concepts. With more than 600 pages it can be a little daunting for new pupils and students requiring ESL support. 

Economics course companion - Oxford by Joselyn Blink and Ian Dorton

This well written textbook explains difficult conceptual material in a way that makes it easily digestible for students and is, in my opinion, the best foundation text for IB Economics currently on the market.  Easy to read, full of diagrams and suitable for either beginning or year two students.  While not as detailed as the Ellie Tragakes textbook, is probably slightly more manageable for most IB students.

Other recommended books

Moneyball - Michael Lewis

You may think that this book is about baseball and in some ways it is.  However there is a strong financial background to the story.  It concerns Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane and his attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis, copied from Wall Street, to draft his players.

The Big-Short - Michael Lewis

You may have watched the film but the book is more informative and records the doomsday events that contributed to the financial crisis in the USA.

Meltdown - Ben Elton

Meltdown is a fictional book about a group of friends who meet at university, have stellar careers only to have their lives impacted by the financial crisis of 2007.

Please feel free to contact me with alternative titles that you think should be added to this list.

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