Unit 4.6: Balance of payments

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This is a link page to sub-pages, containing lesson plans and learning activities, which provide activities and lesson plans for the global economics unit, 4.6: Balance of payments. Typically each lesson plan includes resources to use on an interactive whiteboard and worksheets to print. The pages have full student access to give maximum flexibility to the teacher and the student. There are theoretical notes for extended reading and teacher notes at the top that provide timing information lesson objectives and activity instructions.

Unit 4.6: Balance of payments

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Assessment map

This page provides a map of the various assessments included in the unit, including short answers responses, case studies and areas for discussion.Syllabus area: The structure of the balance of payments

Balance of payments

This lesson looks at balance of payments, which some IB students confuse with the current account. When teaching this lesson I ask my classes to think of a country as their own household income with...

Current account (HL only)

This lesson looks at the consequences of a current account deficit or surplus and includes a discussion point on the consequences of the Chinese current account surplus, as well as the US equally large...

The Marshall-Lerner condition / J curve (HL only)

This lesson looks at why a competitive devaluation may not solve a long term current account deficit. Despite this argument there are a number of governments around the world who implement a cheap currency...

Paper 3 question on balance of payments (HL only)

This page contains a paper three type question on the balance of payments. This should be completed in around 60 minutes.The following is a balance of payments a country in 2018 / 2019:

Unit 4.6: Review sheet

I have included this page, which contains a PDF handout as a simple revision exercise. I find that many IB students get a degree of comfort from these short summary handouts.The review sheet is available...

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