Revising for the final IB exam

Revising for the final IB exam

As soon as you have finished the syllabus the next step is to prepare your students for their exams.  Once you start the revision process you may be surprised to find that your students, who you have spent two years teaching, actually remember very little about what you have taught.  This is perfectly normal so do not be concerned - especially if this is your first year teaching the IB programme.  As you start the revision process the knowledge will soon come back to them.

Stages of the revision process

There are several stages to the revision process and it should be predominantly student centred.  Your job as the teacher is to guide the students as they take charge of their own revision process.  While some students are self motivated and very good at preparing their own revision process, many are not and will need your guidance.  

As far as possible try to stick as close as possible to the time line set out on this site.  Teachers should not be teaching right up to the last minute as students will require time to revise.  Remember also that your students have 5 other classes to prepare for.  You will need a minimum of 5 weeks for your revision process and this should expose students to a range of knowledge based exercises, practise questions and even grading practise.  One of my favourite activities is to give students a practise question for them to complete at home.  Then provide students with the appropriate mark scheme and have your students grade either their own work or the work of a partner.  This is a great way for students to learn from their own mistakes. 

The activities in this section are designed to help students prepare for the final exam, building on the work that you have already completed during the course.

Click on the following link to see a revision power point: Study skills presentation

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