How to use this site to help you teach the course

Teacher notes

This page provides information on how to use this site to support your teaching of the IB economics course.  It should be noted that this site is not designed to replace the textbook as a study aid for students, but instead used as a supplement to the book as well as other sources.  In terms of detail the Texbook includes more in depth economics than I have added while this site contains a range of activities not included in an IB textbook.  Being a website it is also designed to be more interactive and fluid than an academic book and is updated on a weekly basis.  I have included separate pages for each section of the course.  Each page includes key terms as well as questions and student activities and these are also available as PDF handouts.  This allows you the flexibility to prepare your classes using my handouts or simply use them to supplement your own material. 

I have also included a number of short videos as well as subject areas for discussion and the site also contains a large bank of games, quizzes e.t.c. which your students will enjoy tackling.  There is also a significant number of examination type questions which make excellent homework or class work exercises.  These are all IB in style, but were written by myself.  I have also included a suggested response, more detailed than a normal mark scheme for each question. 

Lastly unlike a textbook this site is designed to be used to enrich your classes with material which is more visual than the written print.  It contains up to date material on the world of economics, for example the impact of events such as the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald Trump to the White House on the world economy.  

Clicking on the links

The suggested pathway follows a logical sequence of units, with each unit building on the previous as the course develops.  You can access each page by clicking on the links to go to the page directly.  The first of these is my suggested welcome activity for the IB economics course, available at: Unit 1.0: Introduction to economics.  You can also use this lesson as a pre-IB taster class, introducing the course as it does. 

I have also offered alternative pathways that some teachers may be more comfortable with.

Remember to stay focused on the end goal which is to guide and encourage students to think critically about Economics and prepare them for the final assessments.  As you go through the units remember to continually review the key ideas and provide your class with sufficient opportunities to practise answering past exam questions.  These can be accessed throughout the individual site pages but there is also a specific section available at: Practise exams.  The practise exams included are all IB in type and based on previous examination questions.  IB style grade descriptors and suggested responses are included in this section.

As far as possible complete the internal assessment during class time.  This site also includes a section devoted entirely to the IA and this section contains tips on how to help your students achieve high grades, as well as sample commentaries which you can use for grading process.  This can be found at: Internal assessment.

Remember that learning should be fun! So use many creative activities as possible to motivate students and keep their interest. 

Good luck.

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