President Trump's first 30 months

Lesson notes

This lesson looks at the impact of Donald Trump's economic record and the impact that this has had on the macroeconomic indicators in the USA.  Despite a series of diplomatic gaffs was his tenure positive for the American economy or not?

Beginning activity

Begin this activity by reminding yourself of the key moments of the inauguration on January 24, 2017.  


Based on what you have read from newspapers, social media e.t.c. answer the following questions: 'What did President Trump achieve during his office?'.  

Macroeconomic indicators

IndicatorDecember 2016June 2017June 2019% Change
GDP growth %

48 %

Inflation %

14 %

Unemployment %

14 %

Current account deficit $ 117 billion$ 122 billion$ 130 billion

11 %

Stock market (Dow Jones)19,80024,30127,366

38 %

US$ value to ϵ0.9350.860.89

4.8 %

National debt (trillion $)19.94721.17422.22

11.39 %

Use the information from the table above to evaluate the impact of the first 30 months of the new presidency?   


During the election campaign the new president promised to get the economy running again and the indications are positive in this regard.  Unemployment and the Dow Jones share index have reacted positively to the growing economy.  Furthermore, after spikes in inflation early on in his Presidency this too has remained below the figure that he inherited.  The US Central bank helped reduce inflationary pressures throughout 2018, a move heavily criticised by the President.

On a negative note, the growing current account deficit suggests that the new President has found it particularly difficult to revive US manufacturing, one of his key promises and the national debt has also risen to historically high levels.

The activity can be downloaded as a PDF file at: Trumps first 30 months

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