Paper 2: International trade (a)

Examination paper 2 (International trade)

This section includes 2 sample answers for a paper 2 examination question on international trade.  Begin this activity by reading the question and mark scheme from the IBO.  This question is question 2, paper two from November 2014, timezone 0.  Read through the responses and provide a grade, for each section, using the assessment rubric for paper 2. Then click on the space below the responses to see how the paper was assessed by myself.  More specific comments are included in the paper which can be accessed by clicking on the edit link at the bottom of the page.  Remember that responses were completed in 45 minutes.  Before viewing each sample why not print off the question and mark scheme.

Each sample can be accessed at the following links:

Sample 1

(i) 1 mark for recognition that a quota is a limit on imports.(ii) 2 marks for two benefits identified.This response was awarded 2 marks, one for the definition, which recognised that world supply would...

Sample 2

(ai) Quota is the physical limit on imported goods. (i) 1 mark for a definition that a quota is to do with a restriction on imports. For 2 marks the response would have needed to specifically state that...

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