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Freedom! Unit Planning in the New Language and Literature Course 14 February 2019

Before providing different two-year course outlines, I wanted to start with the sheer variety of what you can do in the new course in terms of unit planning. When I think of units, I am normally thinking... more

Radical Change: The New Language and Literature Guide Has Been Released! 7 February 2019

For those of you who began teaching the Language A: language and literature course in August of 2011, we’ve come a long way. We finally – or so we hope – have wrapped our heads around it all.... more

Best Books of 2018 20 December 2018

The last six months were pretty dismal for me in terms of reading adult fiction. I just didn’t get my hands on the books that I wanted to devour. Finding the right book at the right time is so important... more

Should We Study Current Events in Language and Literature? A Partial Reaction to the 2018 Subject Report 25 October 2018

The subject report for the May 2018 examinations was recently released. I read it every year because it gives us insight into the course and it gives us insight into the examinations themselves. I... more

Why Caring Matters 4 October 2018

A recurring joke – my children might prefer to say a ‘tired joke’ – at my family’s dinner table goes something like this: One of my son’s says, “Dad, could you pass the (insert American... more

Read This! Some Information About the Language and Literature Curriculum Changes 19 July 2018

It’s our hope here at InThinking that you love teaching IB Language and Literature as much as we do. We think it’s a sexy course to teach! Students grapple with all types of texts, in all kinds... more

Summer Reading Recommendations 21 June 2018

I start summer vacation at 11:59 am tomorrow. I’m obviously looking forward to it! I'm also looking forward to all the time I will have to read. And with a long flight to the U.S. coming up – I... more

Approaching Exams: An Open Letter to Students 5 April 2018

Dear Students,Rites of passage, including coming of age, often involve elaborate and sometimes painful rituals. From around the world, some of these transition to adulthood ceremonies involve wearing... more

Best Books of 2017 21 December 2017

I’m increasingly coming around to the opinion that when the stress of lesson planning, grading, and IB deadlines pile up, instead of worrying about it all, I should just read more.It calms me. It’s... more

Summer Break Reading 22 June 2017

Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere – and we realize not all of our subscribers are – you will most likely have an extended break coming up if... more