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Creating Student Accounts 5 April 2019

Dear Fellow IB Language A: Language and Literature Teachers,Firstly, a big thank you to you and your schools for subscribing to the English A: Language and literature website. We really hope you are... more

8 Total Course Outlines! 4 April 2019

InThinking has now published eight course outlines on the site. You can find the final two Standard Level course outlines here. Whether you take an area of exploration approach, a conceptual approach,... more

Standard Level Course Outlines - May 2021 Exams and Beyond 28 March 2019

I’ve posted two Standard Level course outlines to compliment the Higher Level course outlines on the site. Next week, I’ll post two more. At that point, there will be 8 different course outlines... more

PowerPoint Introductions 21 March 2019

PowerPoint is a bit like Brussel sprouts; you either love it, or you hate it. Personally speaking, my preference is for sprouts. Listening to a turgid ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation is, well,... more

Two "Creative" Course Outlines 14 March 2019

I've updated the site and added two new Higher Level course outlines for first teaching in August of 2019 with first exams in May of 2021 (see course outline #3 and #4). You can find them here and you... more

Two “Traditional” Course Outlines 28 February 2019

How you design your course is so open and flexible that it becomes simultaneously freeing and constraining. The key is to find an approach that works for you and the people you collaborate with on a... more

On Intertextuality 21 February 2019

I first read George Orwell’s The Road to Wigan Pier at the age of nineteen. I had read Orwell at school, but not Wigan Pier. Schools don’t teach Wigan Pier (be swift to get in touch if I’m wrong).... more

Freedom! Unit Planning in the New Language and Literature Course 14 February 2019

Before providing different two-year course outlines, I wanted to start with the sheer variety of what you can do in the new course in terms of unit planning. When I think of units, I am normally thinking... more

Radical Change: The New Language and Literature Guide Has Been Released! 7 February 2019

For those of you who began teaching the Language A: language and literature course in August of 2011, we’ve come a long way. We finally – or so we hope – have wrapped our heads around it all.... more

Best Books of 2018 20 December 2018

The last six months were pretty dismal for me in terms of reading adult fiction. I just didn’t get my hands on the books that I wanted to devour. Finding the right book at the right time is so important... more