Looking forward: plans, plans and more plans

Friday 16 August 2013

Hello again, and welcome to part 2 of my introduction.

Joining an already existing team in their development of a successful and well developed website is something of a daunting proposal. I have spent a not inconsiderable period of time during recent weeks trying to decide how to begin. In something of an anticlimax, my deliberations culminated in a decision to begin at the beginning.

By this I mean I shall begin where any teacher would begin: by exploring, reflecting on and understanding the requirements of the syllabus to be taught (English A: language and literature). I will go on to plan out a scheme of work to guide the way through the chosen content, to the examination. As I go through the planning process, I will share my thoughts and reflections on matters theoretical and practical, and post to the site the materials I use and readings I reference during my planning. Hopefully, my methods of constructing an English A: language and literature scheme of work will be useful as guidance for teachers new to IB and as fuel for discussion for more experienced teachers. 

Once the scheme of work is constructed, I intend to work through the topics and works chosen and flesh out the scheme of work with materials for teacher and student to use in class and at home. In this way, I will be able to provide a good solid chunk of fresh teacher support material each week.

I am hoping my plan as outlined above will give website users (and me) some useful materials, some food for thought and discussion, and a chance to try out new ideas. It would be fantastic to get a lively discussion going in the comments, and perhaps even do some collective planning. 

So, with fair luck and a following wind, during the next few days I will start off with some reflections on the first stages of course planning, and share ideas about places to look for inspiration and advice.

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